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The outlets were entitled to certain rewards and incentives based on the amount of purchases made by the outlet in a single invoice at the retail price, as shown in table 1 below. However, the introducer or sponsoring outlet was not permitted to sell EEMSB products to the sponsored outlet. Stock is currently trading at CY11 PE of 9. Once a sale is transacted, the distributor will deliver the products directly to the customer and follow-up after the sale to ensure proper product usage and customer satisfaction. Hai-O could not be contacted for comment on its recruitment policies. An independent distributor receives bonus and reward from personal sales and the distribution network sales through the Zhulian Point Value ZPV.

This new factory that stands majestically at 3 storeys high spanning over a wide area of 4 acres is situated about 2 minutes’ drive from our existing factories. In the MLM structure, the distributors generally focus on creating or sponsoring more distributors that form a chain down the line, known as downliners or sponsored distributors. Teoh during the presentation ceremony that was held on 8 January This marks yet another glorious page to an even more marvellous chapter! The inaugural product formulated by Dr. We want to see classic, simple Pub food, prepared with care, from fresh, local ingredients.

They started the homeopathic family business in by establishing a homeopathic medical centre in Jitra, Kedah, and marketing herbal-based and homeopathic products which meet the Halalan Toyyiban effective, safe, pure and halal concept.

Although this metric is often disregarded by companies, these statistics are equally as important for measuring success as the other components.

Despite the earnings downgrade, valuations for Hai-O still remain undemanding. Outlets were not permitted to make purchases from other outlets, or distributors.

Under the amendment, individuals promoting pyramid scheme is liable to a fine not less than RM, businesw not exceeding RM5 million or up to five years imprisonment or both. For companies, the fine is not less than RM1 million and not exceeding RM10 million.


The Zhulian Golden Business Guide provides a low cost of entry for those intending to start a business as 3 Based on the initial public offering IPO prospectus dated 3 April An independent distributor receives bonus and reward from personal sales and the distribution network sales through the Zhulian Point Value ZPV.

Furthermore, gross dividend yield remains high at 7.

zhulian golden business plan

The business will need to be profitable enough to service its costs and debts, and also, in due course, provide interest payments to investors. Ihsan, another son-in-law of Dr. Stock is currently trading at CY11 Plam of 9. There is sufficient room in the projections to accommodate these later Ashton Hayes Community Hub Ltd.

Zhulian golden business plan

gollden Hamsiah, since Examo-CKM entered the market inmore thanconsumers have benefited from it. One of the highlights of the event is the participants were treated to a spectacular and romantic Gala Dinner themed “Heart to Heart – A magical night of Aroha”, a truly unforgettable experience for all!

This year, a total of 34 excellent achievers were presented with this fund during the Night of Honour that was held at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil recently.

Although sponsoring activities are not required of distributors, some distributors sponsor additional distributors because of the financial incentives.

zhulian golden business plan

No one covers what is happening in our community better than we do. As for sustaining customer loyalty, apart from having good product quality, Mr. Click here to sign up. EEMSB was responsible to buy back currently marketable products from discontinued members, for the purchases made within the three-month buy back period. Hamsiah, the growth of Homeolab was businexs to busineds re-investment of profits and the cooperation and trust given from suppliers, including installment payment facilities.

Beyond Products Technology Sdn. At the moment, Hai-O is the only company that is showing the pain with this pre-emptive move on new members.


zhulian golden business plan

Ihsan believed customer satisfaction was also paramount. Inthe crews of two Miami Beach golsen boats were prosecuted in a taxidermy scheme in Miami federal court.

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Subsequently, Era Edar Marketing Sdn. The regulatory shake-up in zzhulian direct selling business was expected to adversely affect the recruitment of new distributors as p,an in the business media see Exhibit 5 and analyst report of one MLM company see Exhibit 6.

Ihsan also had a bad impression when he went undercover to test the product knowledge among EEMSB outlets. Teoh during the presentation ceremony that was held on 8 January The details of this are outlined later in this document.

To inculcate staff loyalty, Umrah trip to the holy cities of Mekah and Madinah were awarded to staff who have served for more than five years.

A small group of villagers got together in the summer of and approached zulian Parish Council for support for acquiring the Golden Lion.

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Zuhlian share offer will run from 26th February to 28th March and is designed to give investors the opportunity to contribute financially, on a long term basis, to the business of AHCPL.