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If are interested in applying to complete an Honours Thesis in please consider the information below and complete the application procedures by the deadlines. The programs are meant to prepare you for the next leg of your training. It is expected that students will spend at least one full day in the laboratory each week, but generally an additional day or half-day will be required. This is a rewarding experience, but a lot of work. The Admissions Office will review your transcripts to determine your eligibility for advanced standing. There is a Mathematics prerequisite for both the Psychology Major module and for the Honours Specialization modules in Psychology.

Physiology E Prerequisite s: YEAR 2, 3 and 4 6. General information will be posted here following an information session held on January 29, at 5: What is an Honours Thesis? For level courses, you must make a counseling appointment with the Psychology Program Advisor in order to request special permission.

Psychology E students must be enrolled in the 4th year of the DCN program. Interviews with each professor will be organized for the first week of the academic year Speed Interview Format. If you want graduate training in Psychology, you must take one of the Honours Specialization degrees to secure the research experiences that will make you a competitive applicant.

Honors Specialization BA

The following faculty will NOT be supervising students in The university experience often helps students to identify their preferences and dislikes, and guides decisions about further training directions. In other words, start at your end goal and work backward to do what you need to do to achieve your ultimate goal. What Do I Need to Know? What do I need to get into a graduate program in Psychology? Some people will not get their top choice, or maybe even their second or third choice, depending on who they have listed.


Honors Thesis – Physiology and Pharmacology – Western University

Later courses in the program build on foundational skills in methodology, statistics, and writing for the discipline. It is in your interest to check out potential supervisors from a few different areas.

Generally, first-year students those with fewer than three advanced standing credits are honourx to Year I, general Social Science, Arts and Humanities or Science. We guarantee that papers written the night before the due date will not earn much academic credit, and cramming for exams at the last minute will leave you with no lasting knowledge, even if your marks are adequate.

Fifth, you would get a good sense of whether or not you would enjoy the research aspect of graduate training.

uwo psychology honours thesis

YEAR 2, 3 and 4 6. It is the student’s tyesis, and not the Department’s responsibility, to gather the required material. Psych or the former 2. I have a Statistics course from another department.

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You should list both the person you want to work with and the co-supervisor on the Tehsis Preference Form. Attend classes, read, and complete assignments to the best of your ability.

uwo psychology honours thesis

It involves psycholoyy independent research under the supervision of a faculty member. If you have a statistics course from another department, please make an academic counselling appointment to discuss how this affects your module.


Step Two — Review by the Department. What can I do? You wish to pursue a degree with a Major in Psychology. Research projects may take the form of relatively independent work, or may involve collaboration in ongoing projects psycuology that laboratory.

Make sure that your instructors notice you in a good way. Enrollment limited to students in Honours Specialization in Pharmacology Program. Students will be evaluated on their other written assignments and oral presentations throughout the year by the course committee members and other faculty involved in the scheduled meetings. For instance, if you are given advanced standing for an introductory Psychology course, it may count as one of your five required first-year courses. The most common is that you do not have the required prerequisites for the course.

Ask questions, even if your interest in the material is not great.

Home Undergraduate Honors Thesis. Research courses above 0. The Double Major Honours Degree does not adequately prepare students for graduate school in Psychology, but is iwo valuable stepping stone to other professional training programs such as Education, Law, Business, Medicine, etc.

The second evaluation will be done at the end of the second term. Psychology is a prerequisite for Psychology E and E.