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Thus, when writing a scientific paper — or in your case, master’s thesis — keep always the reader in your mind. The following paragraphs list some observations on the usage of references, but by no means void the need of an inspection of litterature practices. In the process, the opponent is given the faculty instructions for formulating a written statement regarding the public examination. Before graduation and once the thesis grade has been registered to WebOodi, the completed studies must be compiled and registered as part of a student’s degree. After the faculty has given the doctoral candidate permission for public examination, the doctoral dissertation can be published. MSc thesis guidelines doc. The University of Eastern Finland has five publication series.

Maturity Test As of 1st August onward the procedure of the maturity test concerning the students of our international master’s programmes has been changed. The dissertations are usually published both in print and electronically. For the spring semester the deadline is 30 April if a student wishes to graduate within the spring semester. When the title of the paper is chosen, one must consider the way how scientific papers are read. For this purpose, UEF currently uses the Turnitin plagiarism detection system.

Theses are published in pdf-format, if the student has given a permission for e-publishing, which is recommended.

uef thesis template

Publisher, place of printing, year of publication. The doctoral student or the editor depending on the faculty requests an ISBN code for the dissertation from by using the web-form. In short texts a sequential numbering will do, in larger presentations the numbers may be preceded by the number of the chapter.

The main series are divided into two subcategories: Theses may be printed from these terminals, printing is subject to a fee specified on the price list.


The summary is a brief description of the paper’s contribution.

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The Master’s thesis writing project includes that the student attends the Master’s thesis seminar. Studies Curriculum Curriculum Specialisations Elective studies Practical training Study tools Study methods Recognition of prior learning Master’s thesis and graduation Are you an tsmplate student?

For more information, see the faculty websites. If the dissertation contains previously published articles, it is the doctoral candidate’s responsibility to ask from reprint permissions for these from the original publisher.

After your faculty has given you permission to defend the dissertation, you may publish it. I need to fill in an application form for permission to send the thesis to urf with supervisor.

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If the statements are favourable and the doctoral candidate has no objections to them, the Dean grants a permission for the thesis defence. When a tekplate has been introduced, it must be used without any synonyms later in the text.

uef thesis template

The service is fine fast and cheap. After receiving the publication permission, the student signs a publication contract with the editor-in-chief. The duration of the grading process is one month at the longest. The Faculty sends the decision for the information of the doctoral candidate, the main supervisor of the doctoral dissertation, and to the Head of Department or School of the doctoral candidate by email.

Please note that if you wish to graduate within the autumn semester, make sure you submit your thesis to the formal evaluation at the latest by 31 October. The references give credit to the original presenter of an idea, but on the other hand shows where the reader may find more information. The Master’s Thesis should be an independent entity.


Master’s Thesis, Maturity Test and Graduation

For windows latex, there is a setting can be changed for embedding all fonts. The conclusions should include critics on the work, show possible alternative approaches, and topics not dealt with here but worth tfmplate.

See also More instructions about, for instance, publication agreements information about layouts and the publication series templates: Reprint permissions – template document. On the basis of the proposal, the opponent and the custos are appointed by the Dean. For the publications, each faculty has layout templates of their own.

uef thesis template

How to submit thesis for formal evaluation: The University of Eastern Finland and tsmplate research centres have publications series, which publish doctoral dissertations. The originality check is carried out on all theses written within lower and higher university degrees at the University of Eastern Finland. The introduction must underline the main issues of the work, and what the author consideres original or new.

Examination and acceptance of licentiate thesis Application on the submission of a licentiate thesis for examination and proposal for examiners available only in Finnish When the examiners have submitted their statements, they are sent to the student for information purposes.

The reference numbers in parenthesis are right justified. Head of Services Jukka Kananen tel.