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Demand, marketing, adoption and promotion of biofertilizers in Tamil Nadu. Students of affiliated colleges of state agricultural Universities alone are only eligible to apply. Rhodanese Domain Proteins of Haloferax volcanii. Our team will look into it. Mysore Journal of Agric. Log in with Google. Courses, Eligibility, Fees 3 weeks ago.

Sivakumar Uthandi and G. Microbes for rice production. Santhanakrishnan and Xinmin Zhan. Development of rhizobial strains of groundnut for northwestern zone of Tamil Nadu. D in Law M. Design and Optimization of parameters for Rice Husk Gasification.

Plasmids and protoplasts from lininolytic Streptomyces In: I secured only 50 percentage in required subjects can I get admission in bsc agri in counseling or management quota and I am a bc class.

tnau thesis list

Hi Siva, for UG courses, you may apply from May 18, tentatively and for masters or doctoral courses, date for applying online is June 14, tentatively.

Value addition to the by-products of biodiesel production process. Biofuel and Industrial products from Jatropha curcus. Isolation of gibberellic acid producing Fusarium fujikuroi. Food Technology of SAUs. Study on Gas cleaning systems for a 10 kW Down draft gasifier.


D in Mass Communication M. Hi Raghul, instead of BE, B. D in Agriculture M. Development of gasifier as a retrofit to industrial boiler furnace. Strain improvement of Streptomyces spp.

Log in with Facebook. Tech Tamil Students must have passed B. Click here to sign up.


Application of biogas for brooding and incubation in poultry industries. Haloferax volcanii laccase and variants and fragments thereof, US Patent 8, 2. Agricultural Economics Passed in B. Gibberellic Acid GA3 production by solid substrate fermentation. Effect of eco-engineering on biogas productions in translucent reactors.

Candidates with required eligibility can apply ghesis Ph.

tnau thesis list

Following scholarships are offered to the meritorious students applying for Ph. Sivakumar Uthandi and K. Thus, you are not eligible for the course. Microbial diversity for sustainable agriculture.

tnau thesis list

Development of efficient strains of Rhizobia for Horse gram In: Investigation of gasification of biochar as feed stock for biomass based alkaline fuel cell power plant. The minimum eligibility for M.


Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Soil fumigation techniques for microbial biomass quantification. Requests thereafter will not be considered.

Sivakumar Uthandi and S. Phil in Agriculture M.

Thesis – School of Post Graduate Studies

J Ind Microbiol Biotechnol. Hi Antony, to be eligible for B. Karthikeyan and Sivakumar Uthandi.