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Limits or restrictions imposed on counterparties with which the Company engages in derivative transactions could also prevent the Company from using these instruments. Investment Managers also may trade various mortgage securities. In seeking to achieve its stated objectives, the Adviser will consider rebalancing the portfolio of the Company periodically to maintain what it considers to be the appropriate mix of trading styles and investment strategies given its prevailing market views. The Company may invest temporarily directly in high-quality fixed-income securities and money market instruments or may hold cash or cash equivalents pending the investment of assets in Investment Funds or to maintain the liquidity necessary to effect repurchases of Shares or for other purposes. As noted above, the Investment Managers generally conduct their investment programs through Investment Funds primarily unregistered investment funds, and to a limited extent, registered investment companies that have investors other than the Company. These transactions will be undertaken in attempting to obtain a particular return when it is considered desirable to do so, possibly at a lower cost than if the Company or an Investment Fund had invested directly in the asset that yielded the desired return. Identification and exploitation of the market opportunities involve uncertainty.

It is expected that managers will utilize a loan-level collateral analysis, meaning a manager generally will assess the merits of investing in a particular instrument by directly analyzing the underlying mortgages and the properties that collateralize them. The investment objective of the Company is to seek capital appreciation. SkyBridge engages in other asset management activities and, may, for example, engage in the ordinary course of business in activities in which its interests or the interests of its clients may conflict with those of the Company or the Shareholders. Intervention often is intended directly to influence prices and may, together with other factors, cause all such markets to move rapidly in the same direction because of, among other things, interest rate fluctuations. These portfolios are generally actively traded and dynamically hedged, and seek to capture option-adjusted spread while staying relatively duration-neutral.

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Last Cap Gain 0. The adverse effects of prepayments may indirectly affect the Company in two ways. The price of the underlying securities, which is generally expressed in terms of yield, is fixed at the time the commitment is made, but delivery and payment for the securities takes place at a later date.

Period Ended March 31, Government policies, especially those of the Federal Reserve Board and foreign central banks, thesks profound effects on interest and exchange rates that, in turn, affect prices in areas of the investment and trading activities of fixed income arbitrage strategies. It is not expected that Shares will be traded on any securities exchange or other market, and Shares will be subject to substantial restrictions on transfer.


Thesis Optima Income B Acc (B8FLKT2.L) Company Profile & Facts

Fixed income arbitrage managers tend to utilize significant amounts of leverage, take both long and short positions, and employ options, futures and other derivative strategies. Treasurer; Principal Financial Officer. This difference in price may be due to the fact that the supply and demand in the market for ETN shares at any point in time is proxpectus always identical to the supply and demand in the market for the assets underlying the reference instrument that the ETN seeks to track.

Price to Public 1. The Company may seek to achieve the same investment result through the thessis of other Derivatives and structured investments in similar circumstances.

Thesis Optima Income B Acc (B8FLKT2.L)

Consequently, at any particular time, one Investment Fund may be purchasing interests in an issuer that at the same time are being sold by another Investment Fund. The underlying pools of assets are securitized through the use of trusts and special purpose entities. The following table illustrates the direct and indirect fees and expenses that an investor may pay if the investor buys and holds Shares of the Company.

The Shares Have Limited Liquidity. In addition, because each offer to repurchase Shares generally will be limited as to the number of Shares eligible to participate, not all Shares or amounts tendered for repurchase in a particular offer may be accepted.

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These Optimma Funds primarily unregistered investment funds, and to a limited extent, registered investment companies are expected to have investors other than the Company. From time to time, the Adviser may modify or change its risk management system. While the investment objective stated in a fund’s prospectus may or may not reflect how the fund actually invests, the Morningstar category is assigned based on the underlying securities in each portfolio.

The Company, in its tgesis, may permit the withdrawal of tenders at any time prior to the Valuation Date. An Investment Fund may attempt to limit its exposure to a possible market decline in the value of its portfolio securities through short sales of securities that its Investment Manager believes possess volatility characteristics similar to those being hedged.


ETNs are generally notes representing debt of the issuer, usually a financial institution. The categories make it easier to build well-diversified portfolios, assess potential risk, and identify top-performing funds. Stock indices with respect to which the Company or an Investment Fund has purchased or sold a derivative may be subject to trading disruptions, temporary suspensions, cancellation or modification, which may hinder the Company or the Investment Fund from achieving its investment objective.

thesis optima fund prospectus

thwsis Corporate Credit Event Driven. The Adviser intends to invest the assets of the Company in Investment Funds that employ a variety of alternative investment strategies. While this Prospectus describes pertinent information about the Company, this Prospectus does not represent a contract between the Company and any Shareholder or any other party.

Pdospectus Adviser believes that this combination of evaluation expertise and direct investment experience enables it to understand the opportunities and risks associated with investing in Investment Funds. These Investment Managers may trade in diversified markets or focus on one market sector. These assumptions are usually derived from proprietary analytical models utilized by each respective manager, and such models are inherently imperfect and subject to a number of risks, including risks that the underlying data used by the models is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete.

The business of prosoectus and structuring investments of the types contemplated by the Company is specialized, and involves a high degree of uncertainty.

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In the event the transaction is not consummated, the Adviser will continue to serve as investment adviser to the Company pursuant to the terms of the Investment Advisory Agreement.

Discussed below are certain of the investments expected to be made by Investment Funds and the principal risks that the Adviser believes are associated with those theesis. Investing by Investment Funds in this manner could cause the Company to indirectly incur certain transaction costs without accomplishing any net investment result. The Adviser considers a theme to be a market or economic development believed by the Adviser as likely to drive profits, typically because the Adviser believes that the impact of the chosen theme on the pricing of particular market instruments or segments is not fully appreciated.