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Aims To carry out an accurate titration using dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute sodium hydroxide solution, and phenolphthalein indicator. At the endpoint, the first excess of metal ion catalyzes a strongly exothermic reaction between a polyhdric phenol such as resorcinol and hydrogen peroxide. The solution of known concentration is placed in the burette and the solution of unknown concentration is added to the flask Results Record the results in a suitable table. If the portions of the titration curve both prior to and after the endpoint are reasonably linear, then the intersection of tangents to these lines will accurately locate the endpoint. In the thermometric titration, titrant is added at a known constant rate to a titrand until the completion of the reaction is indicated by a change in temperature. The whole determination can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Thus intersection of tangents will reveal the true endpoint.

More reliable results can be achieved using two polystyrene cups one inside the other. Curvature at the endpoint might be observed. Add a few drops of a suitable indicator and put the conical flask on a white tile. Analysis Example Calculate the mean titre. Ideally these should lie within 0. Our new website is coming soon.

Thermometric titration

Solution F contains 2. It is possible to record results to the nearest 0. The presence of systematic error indicates that thee accuracy of experiment is affected.

The temperature change is measured each time a portion of acid is added.


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Redox reactions are normally strongly exothermic, and can make excellent candidates for thermometric titrations. Complexation with necessarily large amounts of oxalate is undesirable due to the toxicity of the reagent.

Titrations may be carried out in completely non-conducting, non-polar media if required. If it is unfavourable, the endpoint will be rounded regardless of the magnitude of the enthalpy change. The trace acids are titrated with standard base in an alcohol.

The chemistry is analogous to the classic gravimetric totration, but the time taken for a determination can be reduced titratiin many hours to a few minutes. The reaction is strongly endothermic and yields a sharp inflection.

thermometric titration coursework

Alternatively, anionic surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate can be titrated with cetyl pyridinium chloride. The whole determination can be completed in less coursewprk 5 minutes. A critical element in modern automated thermometric titrimetry is the ability to locate the endpoint with a high degree of reproducibility.

Remember me on this computer. Each group will need: Flush the tap through to remove any air bubbles.

thermometric titration coursework

This temperature was recorded in table below. Retrieved from ” https: Thermometric titration of non-ionic surfactant in formulation containing anionic surfactant. There are a number of ways that you could carry out a titration in Chemistry. It is not a new technique, with possibly the first recognizable thermometric titration method reported early in the 20th century Bell and Cowell, Filter funnel, small 8.


This necessitates the use of the tetra-sodium salt of EDTA rather than the more common di-sodium salt which is saturated at coursewprk concentration of only approximately 0. Idealized thermometric titration plots of exothermic left and endothermic right reactions.

The degree of digital smoothing is optimized for each determination, and is stored as a method parameter for application every time a titration for that particular analysis is run.


Causes skin and serious eye irritation. Acidic solutions of fluoride including hydrofluoric acid can be determined by a simple thermometric titration with boric acid. The concentration of the sodium hydroxide should be indicated on bottle available to the students.

The reaction of silver nitrate with chloride is strongly exothermic. The experiment takes about one hour.

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Use your answer in 1 to calculate the concentration in mol dm-3 of the alkali NaOH in the solution G. Thermometric probe for Metrohm Titrotherm thermometric titration system.

thermometric titration coursework

Solids, liquids and gases. Orthophosphate ion can be conveniently thermometrically titrated with magnesium ions in the presence of ammonium ion.