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However, they are being observed by their teachers to have poor habits in learning the correct English. For the purpose of investigation in this study, jejemon texting style is rooted to select social and ed- ucational influences. And to know more what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Non-Standard lingos. The researchers classified the respondents among. Being a Jejemon purposely hides my spelling and grammatical errors.

Ang mga kaibigan o kabarkada ko ay pawang mga Jejemon. How about make it original? McGrath et al, The analytical type of description was utilized considering that the research problem embraced two components. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The academic conference was held in the University of the Philip- pines from July 29 to

DepEd Department of Education discourage everyone utilizing such grammar because of the obvious effects. Help Center Find new research papers in: Ang layunin ng pagkakaroon ng wikang pambansa ay upang pagkaisahin ang mga Pilipino saan mang sulok ng mundo, may pagkakaunawaan, matagumpay na pakikipag-ugnayan at pagkakaisa sa iisang layunin.

The gay community believes that having their own language is a symbol of their unity and will serve as a protector from their enemies. It has similarities graduate certificate creative writing online Leetspeakprimarily the alphanumeric nature of its writing.

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It shows that they extensively use jejemon texting style when they are communicating with their text mates, closed friends, and jejemon community. Similarly, it can also be implied that language skills or competencies are independent of the extent they use the technology.

According to Joel Baylon, head of the Catholic Bish- op’s Conference of the Philippines’ commission on sampl, jejemon is a language that is merely an expression of experience”. Method of Research In order to achieve the major purpose of this study, the researchers employed the descriptive method, particularly the analytical, longitudinal survey type.


According jejemoon GMA News TV, jejemon is defined by Urban Dictionary as one who has managed to subvert the English language to the point of incomprehensibility and online lynch squads: Regarding the other personal information, majority of the respondents have married parents, and have a monthly family income of P19, and below.

According to Humphrysit is the relentless onward march of the texters, the SMS Short Message Service vandals who are doing to our language what Genghis.

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Ang mga kaibigan o kabarkada ko ay pawang mga Jejemon. This chapter will describe how this investigation was conducted.

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Some of my co-workers are jejemons. As part of the pre-school year clean-up of schools for the upcoming —11 school year, the Department of Education DepEd strongly discourages students from using Jejemon spelling and grammar, especially in text messaging.

He says those who engage in the fad most likely have the desire to be recognized as unique. The academic conference was held in the University of the Philip- pines from July 29 to Trinity College of Quezon City. It includes the methodology, respondents, data-gathering instruments, data-gathering procedure and statistical treatment.

It can be gleaned from the data that most of the Jejemons are still in learning stage and are doubtful in terms of their knowledge in spelling and grammar, or school is the most favorable environment for spreading of Jejemonism. Next were private school students with 5 respondents all from high school.

This is also probably one of the reasons why some gays speak and use the language flauntingly even with the presence of non-gays because they feel that the jargon they are using receives favorable response from the non-gay listeners.


Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Jargons are created to facilitate within group communication.

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Narvaez for her thesis in MA Filipino. The respondents were samplr randomly inside and outside the Trinity University sanple Asia campus. Communication takes place between people, what matters is not the correct grammars, syntax, pronunciation, and diction is well taken only to the extent that the rules invoked actually facilitate mutual understanding Pacheco, This study was conducted among the 4 select public high schools in Santiago City.

According to a news article in The Philippine Star, Beatriz Piramide, Senior Executive for Talent Acquisition of Aegis People Support in Cebu City, fears that jejemon language may infiltrate mainstream communication among the young and could ruin their chances at landing jobs in call centers where career opportunities abound.

sample thesis jejemon

To describe the central tendencies in the characteristics of the Jejemons like the average age and average income, the mean will be used, particularly the assumed mean method of calculation. Study Tagalog Pagkalabas na pagkalabas ni James ay siya namang agad pasok ng isa pang jejemon. Results and Discussion Table 1.

These findings suggest that school is the most favorable environment for spreading of Jejemonism. He is a freedom advocate in expressing his feelings, thoughts and beliefs.