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Qredits is the only nationwide operating Microfinance Institution in The Netherlands. We wil contact you as soon as possible. From through over 3, loans were granted. Monthly copies are sold. This is ultimately done to make the best website experience for you. In September Qredits launched their first e-learning course Ondernemingsplan schrijven How to write a Business Plan. But there is more.

The most important pillar in the approach is of course granting of loans. Links Bibliography Site map Credits. For the first month Qredits Aruba received over fifty potential applicants and the amount of applications is expected to grow fast. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Investing.

What is the business plan template?

Due to the risks involved the local banks on Aruba are neither able nor willing to grant a loan, but we do. Check if you correctly filled in all required fields and try again. With a business plan business qrredits you make your idea solid. To allow for this experience, we use cookies to collect data anonymously.

qredits business plan

At the moment, he concentrates mainly on successfully introducing and promoting this totally new concept on Aruba. The coaching and schooling part still needs to be developed for Aruba as the office has just recently settled. How much money do i need to get my plans off the ground? What is a business plan? Qredits makes realistic business dreams come true Imagine you have this wonderful business idea, a dream, and whatever you do, it keeps calling and knocking on your door.


These templates form the framework you need for your business plan. You brood, deliberate, you might even start second-guessing yourself. Banks are not willing or unable to lend small businesses because the whole process combined with the risks involved might not be very profitable.

Qredits – Youth Business International

The worldwide call for organic products has influenced Aruba and will continue to do so due to the significant exposure of the island to international markets. To answer questions like: In the long term this is expected to influence and boost the economic development of the island. Do you have a good business idea? Practical information on matters such qrediys home maintenance, administrative matters, tips and contact.

Your email address will not be published. Monthly copies are sold.

Aruba) Qredits makes realistic business dreams come true

The collected data is very useful for us. Coaching is performed by seasoned entrepreneurs who operate on a volunteer basis. This Dutch qgedits microfinance foundation is operating in the Netherlands since The form has successfully been sent. Microfinance If you recognize any of the above, Qredits might be your solution. In order to help you fill in the details of this framework properly starting entrepreneurs can subscribe for the e-learning program which is offered in Papiamento, Spanish, Dutch and English.


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Applications mostly relate to the tourism industry activities, wholesale and retail and in some cases are concentrated on natural and organic products. Loan officers assigned to specific geographical areas visit and assess loan applicants onsite.

The only thing you need, to start up would be some seed capital and assistance. Qredits started its operations on January 1, It puts your own ideas on paper It contains all qredirs necessary ingredients for a good plan You can use it for your potential business partners and for any credit application It’s free! In order to do so the microfinance foundation concentrates its activities in three areas.

In September Qredits launched their first e-learning course Ondernemingsplan schrijven How to write a Business Plan. But it is also the greatest and most satisfying part of his job. We wil contact you as soon as possible.

qredits business plan