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Pradhan, Saswat Kumar Liquid fuel from oil seeds by pyrolysis. Mishra, Shankar Estimation of power generation potential of nonwoody biomass species. Dora, Jay Krishan Mechanical properties of Pd, Pt and its alloy nanowires studied by molecular dynamics simulations. Sabar, Pratima Vibration and buckling analysis of cracked beam-columns. Samal, Chandana Priyadarshini Microstructure and mechanical property study of cu-graphite metal matrix composite prepared by powder metallurgy route.

Choudhury, Susanta Stress analysis of thick walled cylinder. Anurag, Anup Decoupled control strategy of grid interactive inverter system with optimal LCL filter design. Other part of M. Patel, Snehash Earthquake resistant design of low-rise open ground storey framed building. Agarwal, Arun Digital Audio Broadcast:

Praksh, Rahul Synthesis, characterization and effect of atmosphere on sintering behavior of BaTiO3 nano-powders. Das, Ashrit and Nut, Sanjib Kumar Evaluation of explosives using ground vibration criterion.

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Lata, Sujata Studies on removal of malachite green dye from aqueous solution using plant based biosorbents. Basuri, Susanta Fabrication and characterisation of Extracellular matrix based composite films for wound healing application.

Other part of M. Jena, Kisan Passive vibration control of framed structures by base isolation method using lead rubber bearing. Nalla, Thulasiram Vibration analysis of a cracked beam with elastic support.


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B, Aarif Simulation of Helium Liquefier. Jaimin, I Sesmic analysis of RC frame with brick infill.

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Vipul, Makvana Detecting moving objects in video frames. Kishor, Ved Prakash Modelling of micro electro discharge machining in aerospace material.

Das, Saikishan and Prasanna, K Multiple robot co-ordination using particle swarm optimisation and bacteria foraging algorithm. Dash, Apurv Synthesis of Nd: Devi, K Numerical simulation of free surface flow dourkela lax diffusive explicit scheme.

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Das, Sidharth and Baskey, Biram Baburay Design of an embedded system for the detection of tsunami. Bopche, Punit Kumar Animation: Singh, Vishal and Panda, Abhijit Hydrogeochemical study in porject around malanjkhand copper mine. Minj, Amit Projsct Prakash Green supply chain performance assessment: Murmu, A K Adpative image interpolation. DasShilpi Batch study removal of copper ions from water by using ion exchange resin. Kumar, Rahul Biogas production by two-stage thermophilic and mesophilic biodigestion of kitchen waste.

Singh, Ankit Transverse vibrational Analysis of simply supported beam.

project thesis nit rourkela

Kawaduji, Chaudhari Khushal Discrete-time slip control algorithms for a hybrid electric vehicle. Sahoo, Rosalin Dynamic stability of composite shells subjected to hygrothermal enviornment. SemwalNikhil Experimental roourkela of apparent fracture toughness of aluminium sheet for varying strain rate.

project thesis nit rourkela

Nayak, S Torsional rigidity in beams with arbitrary cross-sections. Meena, Kuldeep Kumar and Yadav, Parit A comparative study in soil plasticity of hall area and lecture complex area of nit rourkela. Sahoo, Rasmi Ranjan Analysis and capacity based earthquake resistant design of multi bay multi storeyed 3D-RC frame. Pradhan, Alok Kumar Analysis of partial discharge signals using digital signal processing techniques.


Dani, Debasis Reduction of Projct in diesel engine using diesel water emulsion. Sahani, Rima Level of service criteria of urban walking environment in indian context using cluster analysis.

Behera, Soumya Ranjan and V. SSwapna Efficient router design for network on chip. Nayak, Swagat Chandan Accident analysis and development of crash prediction model of mid size city.

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GautamiG Modeling and simulation of multiple effect evaporator system. Panda, Sujata A study on deformation behaviour of Cu- Al2O3 metal matrix composite with the variation of size and volume fraction of reinforcement particle. Panda, Rashmi Removal of artifacts from electrocardiogram.