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Hispanic Health Services Research Conference: Ofertas de empleo, recursos humanos, enviar curriculum, demandas de empleo, candidatos. The role of trust. Towards a collaborative Latino health disparities research agenda. Introduction to Special Issue:

Cultural competency evaluation of e-health initiatives. Australasian Family Therapy Association 11 th Conference. Sociology Department, University of Southern California. Family Process, 50 1 , Couple therapy as cross-cultural conversations.

Interfaith Counseling Services, Inc.

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Film, family therapy, and families: Unpacking the dialogue problems-clinical implications-hope, healing and reconciliation. Y que viva el cliente! Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Intercultural therapy with Latino immigrants and White partners: A task for us all? Collaborative therapies in the case of trauma and abuse. Crossing borders and bridge building. Psy Broadcasting Corporation Online Symposium.

Community health center patient perspectives on their chronic pain. Relational therapy as an intercultural encounter Keynote Address. The h Annual Culture Conference.

The Mas Salud project: Dialogical threading and chatting. Family Therapy Research Consultations. Exploring diversity in intimate relationships Pp. Key elements across models 3e. International migration of health professionals.


Supervision and consultation with Latino a therapists. Journal of Systemic Therapies 23 3 A systematic review and evaluation of digital and social media tools. Interview with Scott Spicer. Barriers and successful strategies.

Interculturality in relational therapy. International Conference on Family Therapy. Interculturalidad en la terapia relacional Constructionist therapies: Reflections on the Latino experience.

osakidetza curriculum vitae recursos humanos

The role of family therapists. Interview by Rick Jervis for article: American Family Therapy Academy 24th Meeting. Trauma and child abuse relational assessment.

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Family Psychology speed mentoring session. Nuevos impuestos para una nueva epidemia. The detection and treatment of tuberculosis in refugee camps on the Thailand- Myanmar border.

osakidetza curriculum vitae recursos humanos

Social media, Web 2.