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Tension is also created when Norm feels as if Ahmed is trying to outdo him; he finds this offensive and retaliates accordingly. You are commenting using your WordPress. Alex Buzo was very creative with how everything in the play interrelates. Centre stage would be slightly elevated with a railing at the front of the elevated platform. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I would also like to know both Ahmed before meeting Norm and vice versa.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: A very clever piece of text. Also as to why Norm would do that Ahmed what was his motive? It is as if Norm wanted to talk to Ahmed. Tension is created throughout the entire play, until the tension climaxes right at the end. November 9, at

It would impact on my judgement of the characters. Removalisgs time now is 6: The tension in Norm and Ahmed is maintained at a relatively high level from the first word up until the last few seconds where the tension peaks. I really enjoyed reading the play.

Some advice, in any way, shape or form would be excellent.

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Tension in the play is created through the use of language and relations between the characters. I enjoyed the removalists a bit more but i think thats mainly because the removalists had more action and interaction between more characters. I would have everything generally in centre stage closer to the front. I would stage it on a traditional stage, with simple lighting.


The bin would be removalistts with litter surrounding it and the whole background would have the fencing. I believe the highest tension is created when Norm offers Ahmed a cigarette and a lighter.

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All the different themes the were represented in the play made it very intriguing. November 2, at 8: It would be a traditional theatre stage with a norj light in at upstage centre with both the left and right side of the stage completely blacked out except for a large illuminated clock in the background. I would also be interested in knowing why Norm was there at midnight alone, did he plan what he did in the end?.

norm and ahmed and the removalists essay

However, the second time we read it as a class and with you explaining it all, it ended up being a really good play. Most of the drama texts aren’t very interesting- I know most of mine weren’t, you really just have to make sure you include some good techniques with your relevant workshop examples and you should do fine.

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I believe the tension is created throughout every aspect of the play. Add Thread to del. The two posts would be infront of the white fence that are joined by a handrail.

Notify me of new comments via email. I would have a backdrop of a quiet street with street lamps lining the edge of the stage. Posted on October 31, Why Norm was so open and comfortable with Ahmed?


norm and ahmed and the removalists essay

I really love Alex Buzo decisions on the twp stereotypes of the characters Norm and Ahmed which contrast really well with one another. What are the questions lft in your mind as an audience member? View all posts by heathdennelly.

October 31, at November 8, at 2: Was it to find out where Ahmed came from? Alex Buzo was very creative with how everything in the play interrelates. I personally would stage this play on a thrust stage so that the audience was closer to the action.

norm and ahmed and the removalists essay

What we write removwlists drama would be excellent A range english essays but including include exporential learning ect etc – we put in what we’re told to – and receive a B at the highest! Though I would follow all the set directions given, as they are important symbols to enhance the plays meaning. Damn I did different topics so I can’t help.

What provoked Norm to be so violent and brutal?