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Version Date Description 0. This section provides a detailed analysis of the content and decisions made by the Mumbai dabbawalas in managing the system effectively. In Warehouse retailer delivery systems, goods from the central warehouse need to be delivered to retailers spread over the region wherein a zoning system is typically used. Journal of South Asian Studies, 33 2 , As seen typically in the informal sector the dabbawala service does not make formal contracts with its clientele.

Subsequently, money is collected in the first week of every month and remitted to the muqaddam on the first Sunday Quien The Ministry of Urban Development is responsible for formulating policies, supporting and monitoring programmes and coordinating the activities of various Central Ministries, State Governments and other nodal authorities related to urban development. The markings include the railway station to unload the boxes and the destination building delivery address. The region has a km coastline of which a vast area is occupied by wetlands and mangroves. Lea, In Mumbai, pollution from road and building construction is second only to vehicular pollution.

The activities include a number of intermediate processes such as transportation, goods handling, storage, inventory management, home delivery services, return of goods and waste.

mumbai dabbawala case study summary

The dabbawala service caters to the most basic and perpetual demand of delivering home prepared ethnic food to Indian middle income executives working in Mumbai.

This business model may not be easily replicated for non-homogenous product flows and in cities without mumbia similar characteristics.

In all, he makes about a dozen stops. Potential transferability factors identified in this case study are summarised as follows: He said almost never, maybe once every two months.

A summary – ‘Dabbawalas: Mumbai’s lunchbox carriers’ | CHS-SACHETAN

A few hours later, he will return to pick up the empty dabbas ready for the return journey. Chapter 3 highlights the institutional framework and current urban transport policies of India and particularly in the city of Mumbai. Gradually it spread northwards along the suburban rail corridors. The eastern corridor which runs adjacent to the port area, carries large volume of truck traffic and suffers badly from long term parking and informal roadside vehicle maintaining activities.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This social security is uncommon in the informal employment sector in India and therefore is a strong success factor for employee retention. The rupee a month fee provides for delivery six days a week.

Usually more than one team of dabbawalas operate out of a collection point in a railway station. Vaze College of Arts, Science and Commerce.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Air Cargo Agents Association of India The rail commuting public is largely tolerant to the inconveniences caused by the dabbawalas in the overcrowded and overstretched suburban rail system of Mjmbai.

mumbai dabbawala case study summary

And thirdly no capital investments are required as additional costs of the necessary equipment such as bicycle or hand cart are borne by the new member himself and therefore when he leaves the member gets to keep his bicycle. His responsibility is to collect and distribute goods carried by goods carriages. Very often, Working Committees appointed from time to time caae commissioned studies for the purpose of their work and each Committee looks at specific issues which required specific data to be generated Sriraman et al.

All dabbas are delivered before 1.

When these junctions dabbawalq located in close proximity, which is the case in many areas in Mumbai CBD, severe traffic congestion occurs, resulting in low average journey speeds of less than 10 kmph. Theresa’s Boys High School. It is frequently claimed [16] that dabbawalas make less than one mistake in every six million deliveries; [26] however, this is only an estimation from Ragunath Medge, the president of the Mumbai Tiffinmen’s Association inand is not from a rigorous study.


Agrawal is now a regular on the lecture circuit, coaching multinationals in the theory and practice of dabbawala logistics from Microsoft and Tata Consultancy rabbawala Capgemini.

The following measures could support the activities of the dabbawala service system.

mumbai dabbawala case study summary

The dabbawalas have gained customer cooperation through trust generated over long years in the same business. A few city Municipalities have organised truck terminals under supervision of the local governments.


Studyy, Mumbai city development plans, Comprehensive Transportation Study and news articles on urban transport were collected to understand the strategic development of the city. It is upto the team leader to decide on the final rates based on his judgement and consideration of the economic status of the customer.

This has traditionally been the area of their operations especially till the last decade, since only limited movement of trucks in the city due to time restrictions have been permitted.

Surat fastest, Mumbai largest. Document1 85 Raghuram, G.

A summary – ‘Dabbawalas: Mumbai’s lunchbox carriers’

This has further complicated the already intricate distribution network. Most of these encroachments are on lands allocated to public infrastructure projects. They are tabulated in along with their main responsibilities and functions in Table 9