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Strategically speaking, this was a win-win situation between the two allies. Strategic Interest in Somalia: Ethiopia also pushes for a federal system in Somalia, a structure that the provisional Somali constitution indicates. When a parliament was formed and elected a speaker, a transitional constitution was ratified. Major clan-families aligned themselves behind warlords. Bad economic and political condition and elite-level contradictions are the most important factors in creating conflicts.

The movement did not die; rather, it changed its strategy and point of attack to the southern regions where there was far more violence, chaos, and anarchy to exploit. It has been involved in mediation processes between internal actors and hosted several peace processes meant to reconcile conflicting parts in Somalia. The four major tribes of Somali lineage are nomadic and pastoral: His thesis was titled: According to Nicholas Kay, the head of the UN assistance mission in Somalia, the Somali government is making progress in the political and economic aspects. This afforded the United States a combat force designed for quick reaction to any trouble in the Horn of Africa region. They retook lost territory from the Italian army, reoccupied northern Somalia, and restored Emperor Haile Selasie to his throne.

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Many of the victims fled from their homes in Mogadishu for refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. Abdiwahid Elmi Gonjeh Acting. He declared Ethiopia to be the principal regional ally against terrorism.

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Some elements of Somali society took advantage of this distraction to pursue their own ends. On 24 Junelawmakers reaffirmed their opposition to and intention of repealing the Kampala decision. These leaders were first to blame for the failure of Somali government which ultimately led the nation to chaos and collapse in Now the Soviet path was clear.

mohamed abdullahi farmaajo thesis

Strategic Interest in Somalia: A General guide to writing research proposal and report, Kampala: President Yusuf, widely criticized as a puppet of the Ethiopian government, agreed with this assessment and distanced himself from the speaker’s mission to the capital to talk with ICU leaders Aweys and Sheikh Sharif. Warlords were blocking United Nations’ aid shipments from reaching people in need.


When Aweys and his followers lost the support of the people, clan farmasjo and future Somali president Abdullahi Yusuf Fafmaajo mobilized his militia to oust the Islamists from Gorowe and the region. It is important to discuss the reaction of Somali nomadic society to the European-introduced modern Somali state.

However, it remains the case that Somalia is not the same situation as Afghanistan. Somalia went from one to many rulers; already in battle mode, warlords took to fighting each other where there was no Barre to unite against. In return, Italian and British colonies enabled these clans to claim some superiority over the other clans in terms of wealth, scholarship for their children in London and Rome, and future government influence in the post-decolonial era.

However, in pursuit of the best government, U. The ICU immediately organized itself and put together a committee, or shura, comprised of influential members of the Islamic scholarship and business communities. Finally, they were able to provide a stick and carrot incentive to major clans: Just as Somalia benefited from U. Twice-defeated, Aweys and the remnants of his militia retreated to Mogadishu, where his Hawiye clan dominates.

The Ethiopian military occupation in Somalia became a magnet for recruitment of nationalists and Jihadists, who fought together for the one thing they had in common: This new ideology worked; the SYL helped Somalis realize that the only way to succeed and overcome colonial occupation was to unite against it.

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The researchers preferred to use this program as it is convenient and simple tool which is available for the researchers. In Marchthis chaos engulfed US troops engaged in a humanitarian mission, resulting in the death and humiliation of several American soldiers in the so-called Black Hawk Disaster that led to the withdrawal of US troops and interests from Somalia.


Conflicts and insecurity in one country spread and affect other countries in one way or another. Since Somalia was classified as failed state and had lost its territorial integrity soon after the collapse of central government fifteen years earlier, the Bush administration overreacted to this new development by employing warlords to fight an American proxy war under the heading of the War on Terrorism.

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The use of force by British never produced a better outcome, but Sayyid Mohammed won many followers, especially among his own clan. In Aprilthey attacked an American ship, taking the captain hostage on a lifeboat for a huge ransom. Al-Qaeda and non-state actors favor a lawless and anarchic environment where they can conduct training, operate their financial and communication mohameed, and plan targets relatively freely.

The two countries signed an agreement that brought Soviet military capabilities abdullxhi Somalia.

The Premier also stated that he would only step down if lawmakers voted to uphold the accord. First and foremost, it was significant academically for future researchers mhamed may use as a reference and source of ideas for their researches.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon congratulated Mohamed on his new appointment, and commended the Somali leadership for having reached a consensus on procedural arrangements that facilitated a transparent and consultative confirmation of the Premier. The main dream for every Somali was to be unified, including those living under Ethiopian and Kenyan rule.

Abdullahi clan-family system and its culture of violence took its toll. By financing Ethiopia and Somali warlords in their fight against the Islamists, Washington was perceived by Somalis not as the solution, but part of the problem.