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Malcolm talks about Negros believing “that the black people are “inferior” and white people are “superior” 2. Many African Americans may straighten the hair of their children along with their own hair. Relaxer in todays world does not hurt at all. If he wanted to make his argument sttronger I would suggest he try an approach that shows how unfairly he was treated when he got a conk and how the white society didnt accept him. They know its not okay and its degrading to their own image but they still want to be followers. Denis Javier November 3, at 9: Do modren techniques for straightening change the message he is trying to get across?

Tough he was willing to use force to do that. Do modren techniques for straightening change the message he is trying to get across? His message and new techniques does indeed change as for now, we have new and better techniques that are less painful. They no longer do it as a feeling of inferiority, but more of a fashion sense visualizes how their hair fit their image. But this is an extremely unproductive way of avoiding a stereotype. This site uses cookies. How would he know that conking his hair was an act of self-degradation had he not conked it himself as a youth?

Also by using a process form he was able to keep everything in order, less confusing and give better detail were it was needed.

malcolm x my first conk thesis statement

Monday, August 2, “My First Conk” response questions. I feel that this writing style fit the essay well. It was more like a real life story telling, where at his time many of his audience might have had a connection with him and his story.


Essay on electoral system in india Ap world history compare and contrast essay questions download advanced placement world history also known as ap world history, whap, ap world. In todays modern society the techniques use to straighten hair or change it has changed the logic he is trying to get across.

By telling his story his story in a narrative process essay, Malcolm X avoids the typical boring and objective style of process essays.

It was a painful and theesis mutilating process that was by no means pleasurable. The Autobiography of Malcolm X was published inwhen many African Americans regularly straightened their hair. Jeff W November 3, at He gave us detailed information on how the conking process goes.

I see many more other races doing this. And why do they still do it because society tells them they have to.

Eng N “My First Conk” response questions

I think that each person has their own reasons for dtatement their hair. So yes i believe the thesis of the excerpt I read is still relevant. If he would have reached his thesis without anecdotal evidence, the thesis would almost seem cheap.

This is also how we mess up our identities. They have an excuse.

malcolm x my first conk thesis statement

Its just one of those things that really is irrelevant and has no point in it. More so, the process is unhealthy for hair, repeated use of chemical straightening makes the hair weak and brittle and it eventually falls out.

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I think the point would be that or differences are what makes each person beautiful and unique, so appreciate what was given to you. Why do people continue to engage in it? Because I see every race going to do drastic cosmetic changes to their hair. I still see some Hispanics who neglect their culture and try to assimilate into another with white culture not necessarily being the only option.


Thesis statement my first conk malcolm x

Botox and plastic surgery seem to bother me the most. Do modern techniques for straightening, which can be much less painful and damaging, change the message he is trying to get across?

Sample essay self achievement Argumentative or persuasive essay writing: One of the behavior that firxt destructive in my race is hiddening behind fashion. Malcolm X 1st tells his experience of when he has his 1st conk, in this part he describes of how painful his experience was. I believe that every group of people man woman or ethnic does things that are destructive toward their own group. Malcolm X writes about the painful process of straightening hair to convey what an awful, tortuous experience it is.

His message was trying to show us how far these theis have gone for one single hair style. Alyssa, i disagree with your answer for question one.

malcolm x my first conk thesis statement

Comparing stateent lye to a Salon where your hair is treated different like washing and new hair products and technology as well has improved straitening hair.

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