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Certain overseas governments have procedures for the approval of all or any research that directly involves their citizens. Some general guidelines are: A fourth meeting to give feedback on progress to date, to take place before the end of the Lent Term. If you carry out empirical work, remember to get informed consent and ensure confidentiality i. Use common sense at all times when thinking about where and how to gather your information and always pay attention to your own health and safety.

A piece of empirical research, conducted on a topic or issue relevant to health policy A literature-based long essay, providing analysis of specific research question of relevance to health policy Which type of dissertation you choose to write is up to you, but do check with your Academic Mentor that your project fulfills the criteria for your programme. A third meeting to discuss progress and difficulties optional for half-unit essays. If you are travelling to a country where you are not normally resident you should check that you have all of your immunisations current and do not require any further medical treatment before you travel. Interpretivism is concerned with understanding the nature or meaning of the social world from the subjective standpoint of the people involved. A reserach question is not the same as your research topic but rather a specific question that you want to answer. Please do not expect your Mentor to give meticulous comments on drafts:

Dissertation guidelines

Headings and sub-headings will help to organise and structure your argument and will also improve the presentation. You don’t have to follow it blindly, but use it as a starting point for thinking about your structure. Most health policy dissertations do not fit into any one methodological category or paradigm.

It should be a manageable topic – one that has not been researched excessively, nor so under-researched that there is no literature available for you to build on.

lse llb dissertation

Defining and outlining a research topic Defining a clear research question Identifying salient issues Finding or generating relevant information Evaluating the information’s reliability and validity Weighing up the evidence on all sides of a debate Arriving at a well-argued conclusion Organising and presenting the results of your work critically, cogently, and coherently There are two dissertatio forms of dissertations: A second meeting to agree a title, review an outline and see an initial bibliography.


Send these one week lllb of the meeting if at all possible. We expect all students to behave responsibly and comply with the above advice. Why have you used these methods?

However, they are likely to fall in one of three schools of thought: You can find everything you need to know here. Are there implications for future research? There is a moodle site dedicated to the LLB half and full-unit dissertations. The following structure includes the elements that are normally expected in an MSc dissertation. The Department of Health Policy promotes the highest ethical standards in the research undertaken by both our staff and students.

It is an opportunity to produce a work of scholarship, using the academic skills you have developed.

Dissertation guidelines

The dissertation subject must be of a suitable academic character that has not already or will not have been explored in depth in any taught course taken by the student but is related to subjects taught in the School. At the very least, it means disserattion you, as a researcher, have a responsibility to fairly and accurately represent the interests and the voices of the participants.

lse llb dissertation

How do they enable you to answer the research question? Your introduction should provide a brief overview of the structure of your dissertation i.

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If you are going to interview stakeholder groups take due care. In order for this feedback meeting to be of use, students will need to have made substantial progress with the preparation of a draft dissertation by the middle of the Lent Term. Your fieldwork is an important part of your dissertation. Empiricism is an approach to evidence that is aligned to the conventions associated with the natural sciences.


Using the chapter number as a prefix will help the reader navigate the tables. Self-management Communication Specialist skills. Use common sense at all times when thinking about where and how to gather your information and always pay attention to your own health and safety.

lse llb dissertation

You need to explain how you retrieved data, e. Your Academic Mentor can help you with how you approach and cover your topic, which research questions to ask, and how to structure your dissertation.

These are available here. Research involving vulnerable groups or sensitive topics Research involving groups where permission of a gatekeeper is required for access to members Research conducted without full informed consent Research involving disserttation to records of confidential information Research which would induce unacceptable psychological stress, anxiety, pain or humiliation In the wider context of research, there is an ethical imperative that people should not be objectified as the ‘subjects’ of dissertahion, but that, wherever possible, they should be empowered as participants in the research process.

Students wishing to do either a full or half-unit dissertation should first consult their Academic Adviser in the preceding Eissertation Term about: To what extent, if any, will you be able to generalise on the basis of your research?

LL Full-unit Dissertation on an approved legal topic

Please make sure you use a suitable citation and referencing system. How you layout and present your work matters.

A fourth meeting to give feedback on progress to date, to take place before the end of the Lent Term.