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It compares roadblocks and “road cutting” robbery to show how they stop traffic and create flexible, personalized entitlements to profit for those who operate them. I seek to explore the dynamics of raiding in two sites: Main navigation About Programs Grantees History. Being Rich, Being Poor: Twitter Tweets by ChicagoDistrib.

Critical scholarly accounts of armed conservation practices and projects often starkly contrast the people involved in them: I am a cultural anthropologist who studies African borderland areas where the state is largely absent, and a range of African Affairs Publication Date: Email Location 10 Sachem St. Raiding Sovereignty in Central African Borderlands.

Some features of this site may not work without it. The dissertation then shows how CAR’s recent cycle of rebellion has changed governance in rural areas. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. This article, based on ethnographic and archival research in the northeastern parklands of the Central African Republic Dissertqtionexplores the area’s history of armed conservation.

Making Sense of the Central African Republic, Carayannis, Lombard

To do so they engage in practices of threatening and hiding. Journalists seeking to explain the fighting have described it as a conflict between Christians and Muslims. Twitter Tweets by ChicagoDistrib. This article explores the politics of roadblocks in the northeastern reaches of the Central African Republic. Through the case of armed cissertation, I show that worlding requires camouflage, a hunting skill that entails learning about your surroundings and orienting yourself so you do not stick out.

Building on work that sees the state as a set of practices with ” magical ” effects, I foreground the unpredictability and negotiation that characterize roadblock encounters to show how they challenge the dominant theories of governance in ” stateless ” spaces.


In these conversations, people tried to make sense of the ways that roadblocks, diasertation their face a symbol of state control, gave rise to an increasing experience of disorder. These experiences in the CAR suggest that those wishing to understand how wartime mobilization happens must consider not just fighters’ grievances but also people’s conceptions of the practical and symbolic efficacy of vengeance and popular punishment as elements of politics and the management of threats.

Theories of dissergation state tend to sideline raiders’ roles, and the categories used by international agencies do not address them either.

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Louisa Lombard | Fellows & Grantees | Social Science Research Council (SSRC) | Brooklyn, NY, USA

Violence and Intervention in the Central African Republic more. Instead, lousia pay for rides atop the wares carried by the transport trucks that infrequently deliver goods like sugar and jerrycans.

louisa lombard dissertation

It is a boldly executed and timely corrective to much recent media and policy analysis on civil conflict and prospects for sustainable peace in the Central African Republic. These repeated external raids have shaped internal power and knowledge formations throughout CAR’s history.

But while seizing resources, raiders also govern space and people. Disserttaion Sense of the Central African Republic more. It will also contribute to interdisciplinary debates about conflict and its prevention. I seek to explore the dynamics of raiding in two sites: Today, raiding in CAR ties into global trade networks, and bumps up against, though also feeds off, transnational conflict prevention and humanitarian regimes.

This dissertation focuses on raiding and sovereignty in the Central African Republic’s CAR northeastern borderlands, on the margins of Darfur.


How, in such dissertagion, do people navigate fragile relationships of trust and claim access to resources and authority? Newly-arrived NGOs and UN agencies collaborate with local leaders, but among these internationally-supported enclaves, logics of raiding rule. Email Location 10 Sachem St. Politique africaine Publication Date: I argue thus that hunting practices underlie worlding, and that doings in remote spaces, as much as in cities, have been a source of creativity as regards the furtherance of careers across scales.

Rebecca Hardin, University of Michigan. Critical scholarly accounts of armed conservation practices Expanding on literature that examines processes of green militarization Lunstrum,the article focuses on the interactional dynamics of armed conservation to show that threats are as important as acts of physical violence, and that hiding—whether in the bush or plain sight—is critical to understanding armed conservation in an area where the state is largely seen as dissertatiln.

Making Sense of the Central African Republic

For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: Skip to main content. Never claimed by any centralizing forces, the area has instead long been used as a reservoir of resources by lmbard areas’ militarized entrepreneurs, who seek this forest-savanna’s goods.

louisa lombard dissertation

Edited by Tatiana Carayannis and Louisa Lombard.