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That which is considered most beautiful by admires of European culture is made to appear absurd and grotesque. Above all he ought to treat his wife, his parents and his home community with a little more respect. Then why do they not join hands, Why do they split up the army Into two hostile groups? So the poet shows Lawino’s weakness for not being to school to learn how to use white men’s cooking stoves. When they appear at his door he tries to get rid of them quickly with the question:. Why should you despise yours? His tongue is dirty with the continuous flow of insults he has been pouring on his people.

Lawino must not wear charms, yet he wears a crucifix:. Okot p’Bitek leaves it as a vacuum here, but there is much room for positive advancement that does not neglect the traditional. How can they sing being in a foreign land? This is an amazing read if you want to understand the cultural clash between different local groups in a recently-colonized African nation, specifically, how “modern” culturally colonized locals perceive “traditional” people and vice versa. View all 4 comments. As Lawino tells it, Ocol says White men must return To their own homes, Because they have brought Slave conditions in the country. And the buffaloes of poverty knock the people down,.

Song of Lawino & Song of Ocol

Ocol has lost his head In the forest of books… My husband has read much, He has read extensively and Deeply, He was read among white men And he is cleverer than white men. His song is full of imagery that calls death upon the culture Lawino praises in her song. Lots of quotable quotes: This loss of culture on the part of Ocol is what disturbs Lawino the most. Ocol’s attitudes have not changed at all.


BOOK REVIEW : Song of Lawino By Okot P’Bitek | The New Times | Rwanda

It is the sight of Tina That provokes sympathy from my heart. They could not abandon their traditions. Ocol no longer owns anything. She does not ask silly questions: When children are hungry, then they will be breastfed.

literature review of song of lawino

He forbids Lawino to talk to the man who may one day become her husband. That being said, I found this book to be fascinating. Okot has made the foundation on which he wishes to build African nations abundantly clear throughout his poems, Song of Lowino andSsong of Ocol.

BOOK REVIEW : Song of Lawino By Okot P’Bitek

Naively and improbable he promises to:. I do not know the dances of white people.

If Lawino has learnt one way of life, why should she change? My husband has become a woman! A certain man Has no millet field He lives on borrowed foods He borrows the clothes he wear And the ideas in his head And his actions and behaviour Are to please somebody else Like a woman trying to please her husband! It is funny and dauntless and not in the least cowed even though it’s basically this woman listing how horrible her husband is to her and how he says she’s uneducated and the ways of black people are primitive and barbaric etc.

Naturally, we are not suggesting that peasants cannot be political analysts. Imported forms of dancing, for example, result in immoral behaviour when each man dances with a woman who is not his wife. Lawino does not understand the political and personal differences at work here: Aug 20, Ilterature Sopian rated it liked it. And in the end the books have destroyed him:.


literature review of song of lawino

Rechercher sur le site: Okot p’Bitek 7 June — 20 July was a Ugandan poet, who achieved wide international recognition for Song of Lawino, a long poem dealing with the tribulations of a rural African wife whose husband has taken up urban life and wishes everything to be westernised.

In Chapter Two Ocol trots out for us the attitudes to Africa that he as a politician has swallowed whole from the missionaries:. Instead he has lost his head: Nasty-funny Juvenalian satire of westernised Africans. To conclude this Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol, in the last chapter of the book, the core of Ocol’s speech is his expression of faith in the urban future of Africa, and in the foundations of that future laid by Europeans.

literature review of song of lawino

In the closing lines of the poem of this section, the poet gives his point of view throughout Lawino that: The sick gets cured Because his time has not yet come. Thus, the work is much devoted to summary of the poems, characters and characterization, point of view, context, imagery, form and interpretation, mood and tone, themes, or of the author, finally the image of the woman.

Somewhere in Chapter Three, Lawino has spoken about immorality in the dances laeino white men. We select them according to their use in the poem. His wife Lawino reacts that Ocol abuses of the way of using time because of his arrogance for he loses his dignity.