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It is estimated the 1 in 5 jobs were lost as a result of the quake Rubble from collapsed buildings blocked roads and rail links. The large number of bodies meant that diseases, especially cholera, became a serious problem. One year after the earthquake 1 million people remained displaced. Haiti lies right on the boundary of the Caribbean and North American plates. Some secondary effects didn’t happen until many months later, eg cholera outbreaks. The main prison was destroyed and 4, inmates escaped Political The elections was postponed multiple times.

Social impacts of the earthquake effects on people 3 million people affected. Primary and secondary effects of the Haiti earthquake. Many countries responded to appeals for aid, pledging funds and dispatching rescue and medical teams, engineers and support personnel. The fault line is a strike slip fault, the Caribbean Plate south of the fault line was sliding east and the smaller Gonvave Platelet north of the fault was sliding west. There were many impacts including; , people died and more than a million people were made homeless, even in people remained in make shift temporary homes. Haiti is part of a large Caribbean island called Hispaniola.

Kerala flood case study. There were many impacts including.

ledc earthquake case study haiti

The number of people in relief camps of tents and tarps since the quake was 1. Tectonic Processes and Hazards. Many people hoped the stuyd election would help this problem and adds some stability back the their country. One of the highest risk indexes in the world Over the years, Haiti has experienced many natural hazards, these have eafthquake the landscape and environment.


As rescues tailed off, supplies, medical care and sanitation became priorities.

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An outbreak of cholera spread 2 million people left without electricity for 10 days. Many buildings simply collapsed or were damaged beyond repair.

ledc earthquake case study haiti

Secondary result from primary effects. The earthquake struck at Evaluate the possible reasons for the aid effort to Haiti being so slow. Haiti is part of a large Caribbean island called Hispaniola.

Transport and communication links were also badly damaged by the earthquake. View mindmap Haiti earthquake Background info social Low levels of living conditions High population in Port a prince High levels of poverty Literacy rate Its capital city is Port-au-Prince.

Haiti LEDC earthquake case study – Mindmap in A Level and IB Geography

Most of the camps had no electricity, running water, or sewage disposal, and the tents were beginning to fall apart. Hurricane Katrina Case Study.

The pressure that was built up because of the friction between the 2 plates was eventually released causing a magnitude 7 earthquake on the Richter Scale with an epicentre 16 miles West of Port-au-Prince and a shallow focus of 5 miles. People were squashed into shanty earthauake or onto the streets because their homes had been destroyed leading to hxiti sanitation and health, and looting became a real problem. Economic impacts of the earthquake effects on money and jobs 30, commercial buildings collapsed.

The earthquake’s epicentre was 25 km west of Port-au-Prince, the capital.


Haiti LEDC earthquake case study

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By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Communication systems, air, land, and sea transport facilities, hospitals, and electrical networks had been damaged by the earthquake, which slowed rescue and aid efforts. GDP fell by 5.

Haiti Earthquake Case Study

The Dominican Republic which neighbours Haiti offered support and accepted some refugees. There was slippage along a conservative plate boundary that runs through Haiti, this caused the quake. There cae many aftershocks after the main event. Lack of immediate aid through poor planning, management and access meant that people had to try and rescue each other.

This movement is not smooth and there is friction between the North American Plate and the Caribbean Plate. Primary impacts Soccialdied. Plate tectonics Full revision.

Enviromental Sea levels changed meaning some of the land sunk below sea level 19 million cubic meters of debris littered the streets of Port Au Prince after the disaster, and less than 50 percent of this debris has since been removed.