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Details on the procedure can be found here. Strong IMDEA presence at Lambda World conference Lambda World is a conference aiming to scale the usage of the research achievements in the area of functional programming over the last 40 years in the industrial setting. Registration and more information here. Their work classifies verification problems for liveness properties in shared-memory asynchronous systems from a computational point of view. Those attending the conference will have the opportunity to meet women researchers with a consolidated career, the research carried out on campus and will discuss the role of women in science. FLoC is a major event celebrated once every four years which gathers all the major conferences related to logic and computer science.

Cryptography is one of the strongest areas of the IMDEA Software Institute, and we want to take this occasion to warmheartedly congratulate these four outstanding scientists for their achievements and well-deserved recognition. PC co-chair with Fabio Fioravanti. More than 2, people attended the event born with the purpose of promoting the exchange of knowledge among members of the security community. This event arises with the purpose of reflecting and analyzing the existing models of development and technological, economic and social relationship between the different agents involved in the processes of digital transformation and the progress of key technologies such as: About Con ciencia en la escuela in Spanish. His research combines strong theoretical foundations with realistic experimentation, with an eye to changing the way that software developers work. The collaboration was formalized in late with the objective of framing and boosting the significant research collaborations between Microsoft Research and the IMDEA Software Institute in software science and technology.

Holland had the opportunity to meet personally with several researchers, including the team working on the Syncrypt Project.

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Registration and more information here. These stays at the IMDEA Software Institute will provide a practical complement to the studies, offer a view of the life of a researcher in computer science, ease the integration into the job fkrmat, and help to disseminate science among young students. On May 12,hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide were targeted by the infamous WannaCry attack. The full text in Spanish.

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Details on the procedure can be found here. The second part describes systematic approaches to develop such technologies in an optimal manner to support the implementation of privacy by design.


Link to the event On twitter Dec 10, See the full press release here. The selected program can be found here.

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UPM participates in the program as an affiliate university in Spain, together with another 19 top-level European technical universities. Somesh is best known his visionary work in jry security, formal methods, programming languages, software engineering, and computational finance.

The European Researchers’ Night in Madridcoordinated by the madrimasd Foundation for Knowledgeis an action financed by the European Comission, celebrated in over european cities at a time.

The event page at EIT Digital. Together with IMDEA Software Institute researcher Michael Emmi they are working on automation for proving the absence of vulnerabilities in security protocol implementations, including s2n. Ben Livshits is a research scientist at Microsoft Research and an affiliate professor at the University of Washington.

In his talk, Vila reviewed some of the background necessary to understand many of the recent attacks against micro-architectures, such as cache side-channel, rowhammer, and attacks based on speculative execution.

By building formally-verified reference implementations of TLS protocols, they were able tormat systematically generate inadmissible protocol responses, which should be disallowed by the protocol, and test whether any of those responses were in fact admitted by existing implementations. Cybersecurity with the Best was held online on October More details Jul 14, IMDEA and OCaml Labs partner with Tezos Foundation for the advancement of its cryptographic ledger and smart contracts technologies The Tezos Foundation is establishing a multi-year research, training, and dissemination program with IMDEA Software Institute to address Tezos-related technologies including cryptography, computer security, formal verification, distributed systems, and programming languages.

The goal of the Mathador project is to study, decompose, and simplify the structure of mathematical proofs of concurrent programs, to the point where they can be developed on a regular basis. The course focused especially on the structure of the ICT market in Europe and Worldwide, protection and exploitation of thesis outcomes, funding options, and business modeling.

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theis Roberto has just started his Business Development Experience for 6 months at Sanitas, in which he will be able to deliver the background of his thesis to the industry. The official announcement is available here. In their last paperafter showing a practical attack, they propose a fix for ZKCP, and also extend this primitive to a new class of problems.


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The focus of the JRU is on automated definition, deployment, theiss management of virtual machines, storage, and networks, all of which are the key components for executing cloud thezis. They have developed a multi-staged pipeline that tnesis ad injection in the wild and captures its distribution and revenue chains. In the last years the need for a more powerful, flexible, and resilient Internet has arisen, not only in the scientific community, but also within its users.

The paper results revealed that although individual exploit servers have a short median lifetime of a few hours, attackers were able to sustain long-lived malware distribution by turning to the cloud, hosting their exploit servers in specialized cloud hosting services.

Local project coordination and workshop organization: He is the author of several dozen academic papers and patents.

Alessandra’s talk, entitled “Mining the Google Play for Anomalies” presented several analysis techniques to identify anomalous Android applications, such as anomalies that involve mismatches between the description and the implementation, anomalies in the use of sensitive information, and anomalies in the user interface. The president presented the Institute as one of the instruments that the Madrid Region uses to create an environment that is favorable and confidence-inspiring formah companies, that is attractive for innovators, and that helps Madrid boost two of its well-known advantages: This days were full of interesting activities dedicated to show visitors the research done by the Institutes as part of an initiative to promote the excellence in science in the Community of Madrid.

The main goal of the conference was to show civil society the achievements o date of the seven IMDEA Institutes in terms of attracting talent, the high-quality of their scientific output, and the tight collaboration thessis industry.