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Do you have to ask for thesis topics or is it ok to just state the broad topics you are interested in? Cook at easy smoothie recipes foods. I think explaining is one of my strengths although it was ironically one of my weaknesses. Grad school applications are somewhat random. Something about watching the timer counting down my time makes me take action lolol.

How do I apply to graduate school? Research jobs will be the best, but at least find a job that is in your field. Most PhD programmes require at least a second-upper. The period for asking profs to accept you as their student kind of coincided with exchange. Online channels have revamped the methodology in education where aspirants can access knowledge from any part of the globe. Also, taking it early would give you some time to retake it if your scores are not good enough. Grad school applications are somewhat random.

If you are a year 3 student who fulfills the requirements as stated in the portal and would like to work on the moral and cognitive developmental aspects in children or adults, you may contact Dr Ding at psydx nus.

honours thesis psychology nus

The location might also be important to some people. You will find a way! Do think carefully if you really want to be bonded. Also, the expenses are going to be very high rent, food, insurance, travelling for conferences etc.

A strong statement will get you noticed by the admissions committee. AYSemester 1. As you can see from the above, a lot of your work is dependent on your prof’s efficiency as well.

I also had trouble coming up with a research question myself because the possibilities were endless. For the seminar presentation you have to make a video for the class to watch online and answer thought questionswe took two days to film our puppet show.


this is alan’s blog: Should I write an Honors Thesis? (PL)

Let’s take it as 4 average. Check the following websites for PhD studentship openings:. A thesis is dependent on 2 further factors: For Masters 39; theses or PhD dissertation nbsp; NUS Department of Psychology – Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is hoours study of brain and behaviour, and covers a buy hhesis online diverse range of topics from biological, cognitive, developmental, psychplogy and personality, and abnormal psychologyto specialised topics such as emotion and health psychology.

Are you ok with freezing winters in Minnesota? The period for asking profs to accept you as their student kind of coincided with exchange. This is because we do not remove the Honours track status from students even if they subsequently fail to sustain the minimum CAP.

In addition, this post was written inso if you’re reading this much later, some policies may have changed. I psycholigy an undergraduate who is passionate about research. It’s hard to give a ballpark figure, but my final thesis draft had 88 citations – this figure of course does not include articles which I have browsed but didn’t use. I was so lucky my prof is so so so nice, encouraging and efficient!

Nus Honours Thesis Psychology

I also mentioned my research experience and any other relevant experience or related skills. Your thesis grades will be revealed to you along with the release of the other module results. If your goal is to pursue an academic career in Singapore, then it might not be a good idea to do your PhD in Singapore.


What can I do? They seem equally heavy. I have so many things to say about thesis that in the end I am somewhat speechless! Psycholofy, he should be somewhere in between. As for research presentation;sychology spent a looot more time on that as we decided to do a super exaggerated korean love drama as our topic was forgiveness and had to memorize the tbesis and actions hahahahaha.

honours thesis psychology nus

Most people, when they decide they want to write a thesis or are thinking about it, there are 2 broad reasons why they want to do so. Honours Thesis I have so many things to say about thesis that in the end I am somewhat speechless! theis

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We also agreed to about drafts, as I asked him about this really early. Honours Thesis – Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – NUS where students develop their own research questions, conduct independent fieldwork and analyse their data under close guidance from their supervisors. Grades are usually what determines who gets past the first cut. As a psychology major, you are required to take at least 40 MCs worth of level modules to graduate with honours.

Newer Post Older Post Home. I personally feel that I did much less reading than I would have if Thwsis took 3 modules I still don’t know.