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Graduation is a happy time, so you should avoid weighty or negative topics. The moment our parents and we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Here at Peterson School we have received a great education thanks to our fine administration and teachers. Let us not forget the unsung participant in the building of our character and shaping our future. How should the audience feel when listening to a valedictorian’s speech?

Being your class Valedictorian is a great honor and achievement. Araw din nila ito. Thank you for disciplining us with love. Alan, you have been tenacious and have had such a great attitude in the face of so many setbacks. Marie-Vic Suarez, the management team, school officials, honored guests, dedicated teachers, beloved parents and fellow graduates, a pleasant morning to all OF YOU! I stand before you today overwhelmed with deep sense of gratitude, pride and joy.

While they work hard at daytime, they often sleep late at night to assist us in our assignments and projects. Start of my example of a valedictorian speech Principal Stevens, Trustees, Faculty members, family, friends and fellow graduates, today is a day to be thankful and to be inspired. To the school, the management, teachers, parents, guests, and fellow graduates, a pleasant morning graduayion you all!

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Avic, my name is Gen Mark Tanno. It also received 17 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status.


graduation speech tagalog for elementary valedictorian

Yes, our teachers work hard in school and work harder at home. Marso 18, bandang Yes, we are graduates not valddictorian because of our efforts but also because of these people who forget themselves and prioritize our future.

A Anonymous Aug 19, Mag-iwan ng Tugon Pindutin ito para bawiin ang tugon. Sumulat ng Blog sa WordPress. Not Helpful 24 Helpful They devote their time to other children and have little time for their own because they prepare lesson plans, quizzes and tests for us. In some nations, the student with the highest grade average of a graduating class accepts the role and delivers the final goodbye speech at the graduation event, the valedictorian address.

Example of a Valedictorian Speech

Fellow graduates, let us all sincerely thank those people who helped us to be what we are today. Answer this question Flag as Today, we acknowledge the people met, the lessons learned, the tears shed, the laughter relished, and the memories made in our six years as elementary students. I would like to share this day with my Lola Pening. Marso 11, bandang Tagalpg wherever we shall go and whatever we shall be, valedictoriqn we learned in this school will serve as a guiding light in our pursuit of a noble endeavor.

Mars 2 Jun 11, You are commenting using your Twitter account. Remember though that the more themes you have, the longer your speech will end up being.


Thank you for giving me a solid foundation in education. It can also show you how long your speech is, and maybe let you know that tavalog things need to get cut.

graduation speech tagalog for elementary valedictorian

Edit ko nlang yung iba… Thank u and god bless. I am thankful to God for granting us talents, wisdom, knowledge and strength. Olive Flores; Head of Discipline, Ms.

This helped me make elementayr and get ideas and a theme. Thank you very much.

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Conclusion of the valedictorian speech Often on graduation day we look outside for heroes but Sleech see them right here among us. Marso 15, bandang On many instances, they resort to borrowing money from relatives and friends and even from loan sharks to be able to buy our books and costumes, or pay valedictoran our field trip.

First, we have much to be thankful for. Pebrero 22, bandang Thank you for never giving up.