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Krisyeol rapping together and Chanyeol delicately trying to give Kris tips while fanning his vanity at the same time. A place where true love blossoms. Break the Ice With Your Teeth. Yifan is specialized to take care of troubled students at school. Tao smiled and walked as carefully as he could over to him. Dolls are supposed to be just part of the decoration of a house, dolls are supposed to stay still in the middle of the room; however, one of this dolls wasn’t like that

For two years Wufan has picked up the habit of sitting on his back deck, drinking a beer and reading a book. UFate Chapter 9 — Reuploaded and Edited. Originally posted by dontjokewithminseok. EXO Kris exo fanfic exo fanfiction kris fanfic kpop fanfic. This mantra was why the walls of his apartment were off-white and unadorned, why he took his coffee black, and why he worked in a library.

They each have a story tell.

ff yadong luhan homework

Just like Kris told him, Tao tadong to not make it a habit. I really miss you so much. Kris was looking right at you. All fanfics are property of their owners. He would love for you to dominate him and same to you. X perience X plore V enture I magination I ….



Kris x You Genre: He feared these memories and was scared that people might label him crazy Open Your Heart, Love is on the Way. Kris, captain of the pirate ship, begs Baekhyun the fairy to allow his best friend to visit the land once again. Luuhan thinks Kris looks so damn good in his suit. Enid learnt a lot from her fatherespecially about nature.

What Does This Button Do? Byun Baekhyun said, with both of their IQs, looks and wealth, the combination of both of them would create the most perfect thing in the world.

ff yadong luhan homework

No mention of Deep pov? She ran into class from the front door, he entered calmly through the back.

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Alli Martin is a second-year MFA candidate. Upon ordering the paperwe will send you a draft of your work showing we are already working on it.

ff yadong luhan homework

Drain you of your blood. Please follow me for updates! He had the perfect guy to finally get what it was his, but then a feisty midget ruins everything. Unknown to the mortals, the world was plunging into chaos.

Kris is the leader of idol group but, what happened when he got a call from their manager saying that he got casted in a very popular reality program? And then he met Kris.


Sex, Politics and Everything in Between. When my face finally appeared on the computer screen, I almost jumped for joy and threw myself over the chair. Darling of Mine Baeksoo Summary: The looked like the best of friends. Between a Yaoi Mangaka and a Photographer.

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Title – Comparatively Sane. I Still Love You.

In which Kris and Chanyeol’s experiences as members of EXO homeqork highlighted through a selection of days over the course of ten years.

You then smiled and nodded. Wu has always been a bit closed off, until he restarts the heart of a certain Luan Chanyeol, and finds his own heart beating again. People say that he was the luckiest person ever to have a perfect, handsome, good-looking boyfriend, but reality is, Park Chanyeol was not that lucky enough, because his boyfriend wasn’t like any normal boyfriend.