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Overpopulation can be simply described as a situation in which too many people live in a city. The fifth principle Social Justice in Indonesia is against the corruption. Some of them are lazy to work, but the rest of them still want to work. Just say about the governmental corruptor. This lack of job vacancy causes unemployment to rise beyond prediction.

Decay of matter as by rot or oxidation 4. Overpopulation is a great challenge for not only developing but also highly developed countries, because it causes the increasing level of human consumption of energy, food and water. Belum lagi tidak adanya sinergi antar penegak hukum, seperti penanganan kasus Kondesat yang ditangani Bareskrim Polri. Disease Because pollution happened everywhere, there is a big chance that it will cause diseases, mainly breathing diseases, such as TBC, which is one of the most deadly diseases. Making the tax of the Vehicle high. When this occurs, a huge amount of money is spent for nothing, and some of them simply go to corruptor’s pocket. The people who want to work, some of them don’t have the chance because the problem in their education level.

Millions people of Jakarta and near Jakarta daily have a bad behavior to throw the garbage or Pee and Poo in the rivers.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

Care about the others too. Care about your Country. Next from the vehicle. They took money which not belongs to them.

There are thirteen rivers that come from the north of Jakarta bearing viruses, and many other dangerous substances. Global Warming Global Warming happens because of the dangerous smoke which is mainly produced by factory and vehicles, especially cars and motorcycles. The second method which is to help the consumer to regenerate their cars is going to be done by the producer itself Dangerous Waste The household waste which is simply thrown to the river is a problem, however it’s not so dangerous compared to the factory’s waste, if the factory’s waste is thrown to the river, the river might be poisonous, same thing goes for the hospital waste.


Implementasi Revolusi Mental dalam Pemberantasan Korupsi di Kejagug “Memble”

What do you think? The ozone layer is very important because it is protecting us from the ultraviolet ray produced by the sun. By Rachmat R Fauzi.

Dewantara, “Sikap Lepas Bebas Kristiani sebagai bahasa teologi anti-korupsi”. Because the environment is dirty, diseases are likely to spread. Untuk itu, ia berharap pada kesempatan yang baik di tahun periode terakhir kepemimpinannya, Presiden Jokowi harus memberikan contoh nyata kerja nyata pemberantasan korupsi.

Ferdian Dwi Prastiyo “Menggagas pendidikan karakter antikorupsi berbasis etika Aristoteles” 3. Human never satisfied of everything. But not all thieves are poor people and lowly educated person, but some are lazy and want to make money faster in the wrong way. Less Planting This lack of green planting reduces the green areas in the city which is the heart of the city. Because human is social creature that need the others to live and to fulfill the needs. Terkait banyaknya desakan penggantian Jaksa Agung M Prasetyo, Suparji menilai tidak salah meski sudah tidak efektif karena masa pemerintahan Jokowi tinggal hitungan bulan lagi.

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This solution can hardly be treated as a project, this solution pemberantasa not meant to isolate the poor, but to give them chance of a new life. Moreover these gases can cause diseases, mostly breathing problem, like cough, or lung failure.


Dirinya pun berpendapat kejaksaan saat ini seperti terserang penyakit kronis. But, there question about that: The person who steals is called thief and who corrupts are called corruptor.

This lack of education could cause many troubles. They appear in nearly each and every sections of Jakarta. The society chooses them to be government official.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

The worst thing in there is that there are some ungrateful parents send their son or daughter to be beggars. Adapun beberapa calon yang saat ini santer beredar di masyarakat untuk menggantikan Prasetyo antara lain Jamintel Jan Maringka, dan Antasari Azhar. When this occurs, a huge amount of money is spent for nothing, and some of them simply go to corruptor’s pocket.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

dssay The government should take care about them. Seharusnya kan semua berjalan proporsional. That is against the fifth principle. What is worse is that the citizen of Jakarta doesn’t realize the importance to keep the environment clean. If that does not lead to the desired results, one could think of financial incentives and sanctions as a last resort. Some people are suffering and they died because of it.