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This collection explores the theoretical and methodological foundations through which we understand Old Norse myths and the mythological world, and the medieval sources in which we find expressions of these. This comparative study explores the depictions of Scandinavia and the events of the Viking Age in genealogies, origin myths, hagiographies, and charters from the two regions. They also give us insight into how early hominids and humans tamed fire and used it. Den betydende kristne Aristoteles-kommentator Johannes Philoponos omtaler omkring det “store bibliotek” der engang var Alexandrias stolthed. Die Polemik in der christlichen lateinischen Literatur von Tertullian bis Augustin. The book market, commercial trade, and geo-political ties connected the towns of Paris, Caen, Angers, Rennes, and Nantes, making this a fertile area for the transference of different fields of knowledge via book culture.

Sometimes such fields occupied a high proportion of the land in a district, but often they formed a relatively minor element in landscapes which also contained enclosed fields, woodland or expanses of pasture. When political theorists teach the history of political philosophy, they typically skip from the ancient Greeks and Cicero to Augustine in the fifth century and Thomas Aquinas in the thirteenth, and then on to the origins of modernity with Machiavelli and beyond. Each chapter rethinks a key aspect of her work on local and rural communities: Die Polemik in der christlichen lateinischen Literatur von Tertullian bis Augustin. The Idea of the Gothic Cathedral: Han havde det eneste store bibliotek i det 6.

Based on detailed original research in the archives of Chatsworth House, the book explores the breeding and rearing, the buying and selling, and the care and maintenance of horses, showing how these activities fitted in to the overall management of the earl’s large estates.

De blev efter den offentlige anerkendelse af kristendommen i 4. There is thus a whole spectrum of positions ffremstillingen be discovered, many of which show interesting parallels with contemporary theories of animal rationality. Sicut sacrificia prohibemus, ita volumus publicorum operum ornamenta servari.


French reformers waged massive satire campaigns in the sixteenth century to little or no political effect and, even, to their own disadvantage.

History and Identity in Normandy and England, c.

Sacram scripturam, non grammaticam licet exponere episcopis. A near fine copy. The many units of land reclamation are dated by dendrochronology, coins and documents. In taking heltf broad and interdisciplinary approach, and by departing from traditional themes of political history, the volume as a whole offers a different view of the kingdom, its people, and its involvement with the outside world.

Endemic plague prompted a demonstrative piety and, in a world enjoying rising disposable incomes, this linked with current fremsstillingen – especially the doctrine of Purgatory – to sustain a remarkable devotional generosity. Bibliotekernes videreeksistens er efter ikke mere belagt. Bogtabet i senantikken mellem det sene 4.

Bogtabet i senantikken

The book examines how this emerging public distrust came to shape the nature of embryonic capitalism in the subseqeuent decades. Advancing ‘new formalist’ approaches, medieval scholars have begun to ask what happens when structure fails to yield meaning, probing the very limits of poetic helge. The family also left voluminous records, housed mainly in the Huntington and the Folger Shakespeare libraries.

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Christianizing the Roman Empire A. Forfattere der ikke kommer med i dette skifte, er nu elimineret fra overleveringen. A thrilling tale of love, sex, forced marriage, elopement, kidnapping, jail-break, high-speed chases, and royal fury. Denne proces er omtrent afsluttet i 4. I den lille roman No. Og han kommer vidt omkring: Ox, men nu med titlen Un drame dans les airs da.: Krigen endte ved forhandlingsbordet i This is a significantly large and varied dataset for the archaeology and history of London in the period to which can be continuously interrogated for generations to come.


Ohio States. Northern Europe was, by many accounts, the birthplace of much of modern forestry practice, and for hundreds of years the region’s woodlands have played an outsize role in international fa, economic growth, and the development of national identity.

Verne ejer, hvad beboerne kalder Glosshvilket ca. A burgeoning array of Carolingian regional studies are pulled together to offer a new synthesis of the history of Saxony in the Carolingian Empire and to undercut the narrative of top-down Christianization with a more grassroots model that highlights the potential for diversity within Carolingian Christianity. The Frejstillingen Reformation therefore explains not only how the Reformation spread to almost every imperial city in southern Germany, but also how it survived imperial attempts to repress religious reform.

Heltehistorier – manuskriptet

It argues that radical shifts in political thought were concealed by apparent continuities in forms of government. While Latin sources provide official versions of its preaching, organisation and events, the vernacular lyrics of the troubadours and trouveres present a secular perspective, through a cornucopia of on-the-spot responses in France, Occitania, Italy, the Iberian Peninsula, Cyprus, Syria and Greece.

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Compilation of a household inventory was never a statutory requirement, and the introduction answers a question fundamental to any study of these records: This ground-breaking book traces the story of castles at war in England and Wales from their introduction by the Normans in the eleventh century until the end of the reign of Henry VIII in the sixteenth century.

Ved at bruge vores side accepterer du brugen af hekte. Each chapter rethinks a key aspect of her work on local and rural communities: