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Describing the alleged rape, Sulkowicz said that what began as a consensual sexual encounter in Sulkowicz’s room turned non-consensual. On August 28, , Columbia’s lawyers asked that the case be dismissed, citing First Amendment protections and arguing that Nungesser’s lawsuit suggests Columbia was obligated to prevent Sulkowicz from speaking publicly on an important issue. On April 24, , 23 students filed a federal complaint against Columbia and Barnard College , alleging violations of Title IX of the Education Amendments of , a law upholding gender equality in federally-funded institutions. Retrieved May 29, How Bill Clinton is like Bill Cosby”.

How Bill Clinton is like Bill Cosby”. Retrieved November 11, Retrieved 8 May Retrieved from ” https: Woods dismissed the lawsuit [13] but allowed Nungesser to refile an amended suit, [13] which was settled by Columbia in July Robby Soave, an editor for Reason.

You can watch the project, which contains graphic scenes, here.

emma sulkowicz thesis

Also the mattress as a burden, because of what has happened there, that has turned my own relationship with my bed into something fraught. In April8 months after the encounter, Sulkowicz filed a complaint with the university.

On April 24,23 students filed a federal complaint against Columbia and Barnard Collegealleging violations of Title IX of the Education Amendments ofa law upholding gender equality in federally-funded institutions.

Columbia will continue to review and update its policies toward ensuring that every student — accuser and accused, including those like Paul who are found not responsible — is treated respectfully and as a full member of the Columbia community.

Retrieved 6 Thedis Retrieved April 30, In November the university found Paul Nungesser “not responsible”.

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He and Sulkowicz both corroborate that they had consensual sex twice before, earlier in the year, but not anal sex. Retrieved February 1, After Columbia declined to take action against Nungesser, Sulkowicz focused their senior thesis on thesls work of performance art entitled Mattress Performance Carry That Weight which involved Sulkowicz carrying a pound dorm mattress on campus to represent the painful burden rape victims carry throughout daily life, and in protest of sulkowic Sulkowicz described as Columbia University’s mishandling of their sexual assault complaint.


Sulkowicz and Nungesser both complained separately about the proceedings. Kingkade, Tyler September 18, Living Newsletter Get the latest career, relationship and wellness advice to enrich your life. The New York Times.

Columbia University rape controversy

Their first effort was a video of themself moving a bed out of a room, accompanied by the audio of them filing the police report, which they had recorded on their cellphone. Archived from the original on May 24, In April Nungesser filed a Title IX lawsuit against Columbia University, its trustees, university president Lee Bollinger, and Sulkowicz’s senior-thesis supervisor, Jon Kessler, alleging they exposed him to gender-based harassment and a hostile educational environment in allowing the project to go forward.

Numerous art critics responded positively to Mattress Performance.

If you watch this video without my consent, then I hope you reflect on emka reasons for objectifying me and participating in my rape. Retrieved from ” https: The three women said in interviews with The New York Times that they decided to file formal complaints with the school after they heard about one another’s experiences.

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Describing the alleged rape, Sulkowicz said that what began as a consensual sexual encounter in Sulkowicz’s room turned non-consensual. Retrieved May 29, I thought about how On April 18,Sulkowicz reported to Columbia’s Office of Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct that, on the first day of their sophomore year on August 27,in Sulkowicz’s dorm room, they were raped by fellow student Nungesser. Paul Nungesser said in a December interview with The New York Times that the mattress performance is sulkowivz an act of artistic expression, but instead one orchestrated to bully him and force him to leave Columbia.


The lawsuit alleged that Columbia was responsible because the university sponsored and supervised the project.

emma sulkowicz thesis

This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 20 May A number of commentators questioned Sulkowicz’s account of the assault and sulkwicz that the performance was unfair to Nungesser.

As they approached, university president Lee Bollingerwho had been shaking other graduates’ hands, turned away as if to pick something up, and did not shake their hands; the university said this happened because the mattress was in the way.

Student Who Carried Mattress in Rape Protest Unveils New Project

The suit sought damages for ssulkowicz harm Nungesser said he experienced to his reputation as a result of the performance. Sulkiwicz Soave, an editor for Reason. The third complaint from a student identified as “Josie” was initially decided against Nungesser, with an assigned punishment of disciplinary probation, but Nungesser successfully appealed, citing procedural errors and problems with the admission of hearsay.

Written on the walls of their studio in the university’s Watson Hall, these state that they must carry the mattress whenever they are on university property; that it must remain on campus even when Sulkowicz is not there; and that they are not allowed to ask for help in carrying it, but if help is offered they may accept it.

emma sulkowicz thesis

McArdle concluded by suggesting that Nungesser may not have intended to win the suit or to silence Sulkowicz, but instead to “force the media to pay a little attention to his side of the story, something that didn’t happen during the many long months of Emam campaign to name and shame him.