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Many of our students do not, however, have a process for constructing a passage of extended writing which they can employ consciously. The river slowly ran through the scottish country side as the water sparkled in the sunlight. Arguing with flatmates controlled. Now, I have advised my students to avoid the story question. One observation from the picture per paragraph; Three or four sentences per paragraph; A maximum of twenty words per sentence; Include the key word in each paragraph.

You are commenting using your Google account. Most fictional and non-fictional stories follow a recognisable pattern. January 7, at 1: May 30, at 7: Sunlight glazed down upon the baby trees as they cast a ray of beautiful shadows onto the lawn.

Aqa A Writing English: Flowers sway in the sun as they lit up the front of the house. Inshe was nominated for Creatvie Teaching Awards.

creative writing gcse aqa

wrtiing Arguing with flatmates controlled. The students now have a firmly embedded tool with which they can approach the 40 mark question with confidence.

November 17, at If students do not have a profound understanding of how narrative structures operate they can get themselves into a rambling mess of a response. The following three slides demonstrate how we have then trained the students to split the picture into quarters; they then bullet-point three observations from each quarter, ensuring that there is no repetition across the total of twelve bullet-points.

creative writing gcse aqa

What obstacles do the characters face? The mother wwriting mentioned, but not the father, so another question is posed — where is their father? Collins creates intrigue by giving enough detail to create a sense of place, but not so much that we learn everything at once. Moorland sizzled with the sound of crickets clicking and birds whistling as sun cast a powerful view from the house. When I denied authorship and told the group that the writer was one of them, they did not believe me for a second.


This much I know about…why job satisfaction matters johntomsett. The mountains looked down upon creqtive remote house set in beautiful Scottish countryside.

How is the story resolved? Once they had overcome their huge sense of incredulity, it inspired them to work harder to become better writers. About johntomsett Headteacher in York. Ivy curled up the columns of the porch as they cast a dark shadow into the house. Fiction tends to use language that is more descriptive and creeative poetic.

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Creativ does she have bad dreams? One observation from the picture per paragraph; Three or four sentences per paragraph; A maximum of twenty words per sentence; Include the key word in each paragraph.

creative writing gcse aqa

The house sat in direct view of the sun as it speared light onto the face of it. There is also an ever-increasing writing of texts and websites offering advice on Creative Writing.


Shards of sunlight speard through the light blue atmosphere as it illuminated the lucious green grass. The sun shone down onto the bright mountains in the distance.

Aqa english language controlled assessment creative writing

Just abut of english for peace of mind. Such a simple yet genius way of approaching this question. What I have devised for our students in the academic tier above our SEND students — the ones who have never quite engaged with their studies, the ones who rarely do any school work beyond the school day, the ones who find GCSEs a genuine struggle — is a step-by-step guide to crafting answers to the two 40 mark writing tasks in the AQA English Language GCSE papers.

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All views are my own. Ivy intertwine up the side of the house as it cast a dark, menacing shadow through the window.

Writing is a deliberate, pain-staking act. Trees hung aqz the boiling hot driveway as the sun melted the tarmack. Blue sky sat ontop of the towering mountains.

May 31, at 7: