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There are a lot of tutorials in the web about how to rank your YouTube videos. If you do all of this right, you will definitely rank your video. Making the video What do you do when all the videos in your niche are watermarked? You make your own. Hey Guys, My real name is Reaz. It keeps your viewers watching and it means they engage with you.

One mention of the URL is more than enough. TheCosmosCowboy , Aug 14, When it came to YouTube, I always preferred quality over quantity i. I found a few videos. Real voice can able to earn the trust of your visitors.

RedamrgJun 19, What else do you need? I also needed to find a good video to see if I could rip it and re-upload it.

Cpagrip Case Study

OGads desktop locker — I had a World of Warcraft logo on top but it seems to have vanished. Everytime peoples unlock and download the file, I get paid. You can read all about cpaggrip here.

These are the services I bought for my video to make it rank.


As you can see from the screenshot, I ordered dripfed views and likes to make it all look legit. The ways, you will use to earn money with CPAGrip: A casestudy if you wanna call it that. I found cpagirp really nice video but it was heavily watermarked so I did the next best thing — I ripped the landing page.


Feel free to sign up today. All it took me was 1K HR views to rank for major keywords.

cpagrip case study

It keeps your viewers watching and it means they engage with you. I was trying to gauge how saturated the niche was already.

[Detailed Method] YouTube + CPA = Easy Money.

Does YT allow locking? Hi RaezFirst you said If you can able to target countries such as Belgium, Francei can target them since i speak french but i just have some questions: Once I ripped the LP, I removed all the unnecessary images and videos, edited the code a bit and added my locker and then uploaded it to my domain.

cpagrip case study

Mind you, it has solely ranked after being dripfed 1K HR Views and likes. The most important part, how will you generate traffic to your CPA offers?

Gather as many tags as you can and copy them to notepad. It will be awesome, if you can able to speak those languages. One mention of the URL is more than enough. But this can be a learning experience for all you CPA enthusiasts out there. Can you please tell me the name of your channel?


StdntJun 19, Set the video to Unlisted.

cpagrip case study

Works every damn time. Description in YouTube video The most important part: Yes, my password is: I received traffic for about a month and a half after which the complete World of Warcraft expansion came out so my traffic died. I get my orders on time.

I set bandicam to record and opened my site on it and did the steps needed until my locker opened up and then I paused it. Making the video What do you do when stduy the videos in your niche are watermarked?

Hi bro, this is fantastic! I found a few videos.