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You are commenting using your Google account. Hello Researcher, we are happy to announce that now you can check the status of your paper right from the website instead of calling us. Needless to say, I added the ingredients to my weekly shopping. The banana mulch tended to cling to the sides of the blender, defeating my efforts, so I added the water early. Then she dipped the peels into a sodium metabisulphite solution before boiling, and pureed the peel into a paste. Elif Bilgin, Istanbul, Turkey, award winner.

Keep reading Check out other projects and the students behind each winning idea. Albatross chicks are starving to death, their stomachs filled with plastic waste. In my neighbourhood it appears that the bioplastic revolution is going to be a long time coming. The next step in the instructions was to add water, but I found it simpler to put the water straight in the blender, as it made the banana mulch blend more readily. You drain off the excess water, and then combine with vinegar , cinnamon , thyme and honey. It was still just a warm, wet mess at this point, so I gave it another half hour. That does not sustain on environment so we need to a new product that have bioplastic, same type of properties, durability, good efficiency and eco-friendly to sustainable plastic.

Wishing I was making cookies instead of bioplastic…. It worked great as a copper wire insulator and even as a cosmetic prosthesis she used her own thumb as a mold!

Print Email To A Friend. What if she used organic waste material, like banana peels instead of potatoes?

I undertook the procurement phase from memory, rsearch bought parsley instead of thyme. Needless to say, I added the ingredients to my weekly shopping. Bioplastic from Waste Author s: Update for October 24th … some seven months later: Brilliant minds of a variety of ages continue to discover alternative methods for sustainable energy; the one question is, who will now apply these practical findings? No doubt some efficiencies could be found if this were being made into an industrial process.


When the time was up I strained it, and pressed out as much water as possible.

bioplastic from banana peel research paper

Elif conducted 12 experiments, with the first 10 ending in failures. To find more about recent developments please visit the below link: Following the instructions, for each forty eesearch of banana peel paste I added 20ml of vinegar, a teaspoon of thyme, a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey.

Can banana peels make plastic? | Google Science Fair

See Kenneth’s idea Can a new way of farming help a community? After half an hour the flat sections were noticeably drier, and had taken on a leathery feel. A motivated and compassionate scientist, Elif was driven to find an alternative from petroleum produced plastics to benefit the environment. The UK can no longer avoid addressing its waste problems by exporting material to China: Over the period of four years, her trials using banana peels many times ended with disappointment; 10 failed experiments that created plastics not strong enough or too easily decayed did not slow her down, however.

bioplastic from banana peel research paper

The alleged bioplastic was barely stronger than cookie dough frlm this point, and my efforts to turn it over produced some breakage. One of most significant result obtained during the research is degradation To use of Bioplastic material by using the food waste and vegetable waste depending on their structure and properties of materials the tractability of the biodegradation polymer are quite similar to ideal plastic and they can play a virtual role in this market for sustainable use and commercial value bioplaatic.


She Invented Bio-plastic from Banana Peels When She Was Just 16 Years Old

Aleem Khan, indore institute of science and tecnology; Mr. This site uses cookies. Now, what are we going to do with it? To summarise, you blend some banana peelmix with water and boil for five minutes.

Albatross chicks are starving to death, their stomachs filled with plastic waste. First off, I ate three bananas.

Can banana peels make plastic?

Pankaj Malviya, indore institute of science and tecnology. Pankaj Malviya, indore institute of science and tecnology Keywords: Click to share oaper Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window. One highly desirable property is that it smells great! This left a thick paste, which I weighed.

bioplastic from banana peel research paper

What comes to mind before you discard your banana peel? She then transferred the paste to a petri dish to bake. Bioplastic made in this way demands a debate very similar to the one about biofuels that are grown in place of food crops: