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You might also be interested in one of these programmes: I worked as an au pair and my time there made me realise I really wanted to study something with an international orientation. Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands and is centrally located in Europe. Facultaire Studentenraad Managementwetenschappen Organization. The reasoning behind this is that more and more companies, including small and medium-sized businesses, are being confronted with internationalization. Business Administration offers you a broad range of topics, with consideration not only for international management, but also for psychology, sociology, communication, economics, and law.

Home Alle opleidingsinstituten Nijmegen School of Management. Study and board experience in an enthusiastic environment Read more. Lengte van de studie en hoe is de studielast ervaren? In addition, Lugus provides study aids in the shape of summaries and organizes regular book sales. Plenty of multinationals will be interested in students with an academic degree in business. If you fall too far behind in the beginning, you will not be able to meet the strict mid-programme requirements that must be fulfilled before you can go abroad. Perfect balance between basic business administration and technical detail Read more.

Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration – Radboud University

Are you interested in management questions? The programme is about business theories as well as organisations and their settings. Academic Advisor For questions regarding the programme sciencebachelors rug.

If you have earned fewer than 45 ECTS and are issued a negative result, you will not be allowed to continue with bachelr degree programme. Lux ad Mosam Community Organization. Er worden praktische tips en adviezen gegeven om het contact met roze ouderen in alle facetten van de zorg- en hulpverlening te verbeteren.


Some graduates end up in the service sector or working for the government. Waar ga bedrijjfskunde naar kijken op de arbeidsmarkt als je je diploma straks op zak hebt?

Nijmegen School of Management

Bachrlor studielast is met name in de master hoog. The combination of analytical and numerical skills and knowledge of business administration is crucial for a good consultant in my opinion.

You could also work in a hospital, investigating how to use research equipment better.

bachelor thesis ru bedrijfskunde

Examples include manufacturing from cars to razorsas well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries where you could end up as a process technologist, for example for Shell or DSM. Please contact your study advisor as soon as possible if you have any questions about the Binding Study Advice system.

I worked as an au pair and my time there made thesos realise I really wanted to study something with an international orientation. The programme has an international focus. Once you have met the requirements of the first part of the programme, ideally by the end of the second year, you will spend a semester abroad at one of our baxhelor partner universities in Europe, Latin America, Australia, North America, or Asia.

Where scientists come together, new insights emerge. Specific requirements More information language test Een voldoende op je vwo-Engels is aan te bevelen omdat de opleiding Engelstalig is.


International Business

For more information on our Master programmes and all the specializations, please visit our website www. All information about these Bachelor programme can be found here: The same enthusiasm can be felt at Lugus, our study association, which I chaired last year.

Abchelor can work in export, marketing or sales for example. The people at IEM are very enthusiastic and the students and lecturers enjoy working together.

bachelor thesis ru bedrijfskunde

I get to attend guest lectures at partner universities and also see some of the cities. International Thsis in Groningen is challenging and fast-paced.

bachelor thesis ru bedrijfskunde

Job prospects Once you have completed the three-year Bachelor’s programme and have your degree, you may continue with the Master’s degree bachelo to study your field in greater depth.

In this way, students can soon become acquainted with our society’s international context. Sections of this page. In addition you will follow course units in business studies, management and logistics. Binding study advice A minimum of 45 EC in the first 12 months binding. After a Master’s specialisation you have a wide range of job opportunities.

Canisius College Berg en Dalseweg.

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Is er ruimte om zichzelf te zijn? Why study this programme in Groningen? Home Alle opleidingsinstituten Nijmegen School of Management.