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Your email address will not be published. Retrieved July 14, , from http: Stokols firmly holds the view that gentrification is destructive to society. Some reasons given is that there is a growth in education levels, infrastructure investments, and housing prices. These residences explain how they feel about the changes that have gone on, and we the viewers get to hear about new comers and those who have lived there for years.

Gentrification and the Rising Returns to Skill. Group Is Fighting Back. PBS, 17 June It is rated one of the best cities for African Americans. Within this article, Neil Irwin makes claims that the housing market is finally cooling off. This source seems extremely credible, Gammon is very well read and researched, rationalizing every statement with a legitimate source or core concept. This article shows lots of examples of people suffering due to gentrification in the bay area.

This is a strong source to use for quotations when dealing with perspective. Her topic to conclude states that the government needs to step up and do a better job of holing corporations accountable and to not be fooled by money.

Annotated Bibliography – Gentrification in the Mission – Lost Culture

Brooklyn by the Bay. Atlanta, Georgia Birmingham, Alabama.

annotated bibliography gentrification

This article discusses the topic of food related anhotated. The National Bureau of. This source will serve as a great visual example of the divisions.

Technology Boom Pushing Out Locals. Wealthier areas have access to three times as many grocery stores, and low-income people pay cents more for food than higher income residents. This is why it is referred to as a Paradox.


annotated bibliography gentrification

He uses the information from the Census to make these annotated. I used this source, for it persuaded me and shifted my viewpoint on certain topics I thought I had all figured out on gentrification in the Mission district.

The new residents are usually younger white middle class individuals. The biggest is displacement, or the dislocation of the low income individuals.

Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 21 Aug.

This article is highly opinionated, rooted in out of context quotes and I statements. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Annotated Bibliography- Final Draft

He then explains some of the benefits of gentrification, such as higher property value, better road maintenance, police protection, and improved public education. This source seems reliable because it is based on real experiences, and the San Francisco Chronicle is a reliable source. Pushed out of House and Home — Overall, the piece does present a healthy debate that can be used to support how the built environment influences racism.

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Annotated Works Cited: Gentrification – IDP Your Way To Success

Although this article bibliogrzphy more biased towards defending the Mission district, it provides some insightful opinions information from someone on the inside of the Mission. Due to their obvious field of interest the CDC focuses on the health issues related to gentrification and the ways in which it can be prevented. Dembosky scrutinizes tech engineers for their lack of emotional capability and proves how their social faults are bread rather than born.


Fill in your details below or click an icon anotated log in: Other effects noted are social changes as community ties are severed, economic changes due to an imbalance of housing and job growth, and political changes such as decreasing federal funds and tax abatement.

In part I of her article she focuses on exactly gsntrification the built environment regulates behaviors and in part II she gives examples of actions taken by police, residents, and politicians that have further divided cities.

Annotated Works Cited: Gentrification

And with more money, the city can spend more money on its citizens. For example, the findings suggest that when there is higher segregation, then there are less white people in an area.

annotated bibliography gentrification

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