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Norris Benoit and Y. Agri-environmental indicator report series — Report 4. Identification des points chauds potentiels: Empreinte carbone des technologies intelligentes: I publish, therefore I am. LCM , Bordeaux, France.

A case study in a Burkina Faso. Regional Health Impact Factors for Households. Introduction to LCA-based water footprint. Application to the electricity generation sector. Carbon footprint of Canadian dairy products – Calculations and issues.

Through this study, it is found that the overall environmental footprint of prefabricated concrete as represented by the endpoint single score is 36 which is indeed much better than the score of 57 for cast-in-situ concrete. Carbon footprint of bioenergy and biomass-based products: Lessons learned and challenges.

International Reference Centre for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services

International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 17 6: Review of recent findings and recommendations for application to LCA. Comparison of static and dynamic life cycle assessment. Consideration of marginal electricity in real-time minimization of Telco cloud emissions.

19th setac europe lca case study symposium

International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 19 At the policy level, it has been recognized that with the growing popularity of LCA in policy directives, a guidelines for policy LCAs may become necessary too. Importance of characterizing the impacts on land use. Real-time optimization of a Green Sustainable Telco Cloud network of data centers using consequential life cycle assessment. A decision tool to evaluate greenhouse gas mitigation policies for the 19h sector.


Improving the relevance of carbon footprint calculations: Journal of cleaner production.

LCA Rome :: Welcome!

The role of atmospheric dispersion models and ecosystem sensitivity in the determination of characterisation factors for acidifying and eutrophying emissions in LCIA. From potential hotspots identification to social issues prioritizatio.

Empreinte carbone des technologies intelligentes: Quantification and issuance of offset credits for carbon sequestration projects under a market mechanism: Boulay, AM, Bulle, C. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 8 4: How to integrate the spatial dimension in LCA?

Small and medium-sized enterprises could largely benefit from these initiatives, which could provide an answer to their need of tailoring life cycle-based methods and tools to specific applications. Development of an optimized-consequential life cycle assessment methodology: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Allocation factors and issues in agricultural carbon footprint: Life cycle assessment of videoconferencing with call management servers relying on virtualization. Carbon Footprint of Beef Cattle Hides. Multi-objective design optimization of a natural gas-combined cycle with carbon dioxide capture in a life cycle perspective. Building and construction – dc.


19th setac europe lca case study symposium

Effects of distribution choice on the modelling of LCI uncertainty. Case of the worldsteel datasets.

Scientific Publications

International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 20 4: Critical analysis of life cycle impact assessment methods addressing consequences of freshwater use on ecosystems and recommendations for future caze development. Application and challenges of life cycle assessment in the dtudy of a green sustainable telco cloud.

Transportation Research Part D: Consensus building on the development of a stress-based indicator for LCA-based impact assessment of water consumption: Statistical estimation of missing data in life cycle inventory: