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Confidential examinations It is generally understood that all theses are dealt with in a confidential manner by examiners in all cases. This is not a re-examination of the thesis but an opportunity for you to check that the candidate has made the changes you requested or academically defended not making the changes. Examiners are not to contact the supervisors or the candidate during the examination. December – Revision of oral examination guidelines. Nominating thesis examiners Discuss potential examiners with your advisory team at the thesis review milestone, or about 3 months before your submission date. You will also retain access to mySI-net, and you are required to maintain your mySI-net student record including updating address and contact details. Saturday, November 10,

This allows the Graduate School to evaluate the reports in their entirety prior to providing feedback on the corrections required. Examiners are requested to provide a full written report and a recommendation on the thesis outcome for consideration by the Dean within 6 weeks of thesis submission. Thesis embargo – Temporary embargo of a thesis for a period of up to 3 years. The thesis will not be sent to an examiner until the signed copy of the agreement is received by the Graduate School and executed by the University. Guides are available to illustrate the examination timeline with an oral examination and without an oral examination.

Masters Degree MPhil typically 1. An oral examination cannot proceed unless both examiners’ reports have been received and approved by the Dean. Following this extended period a candidate may request a final examiiners month extension, after which time they may be liable for withdrawal from the degree without academic penalty. Does the candidate show an advanced knowledge of research principles and methods relating to the applicable discipline?


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July – Form version updated. Preliminary pages Including publications in your thesis Plagiarism and iThenticate Nominating thesis examiners. Does the candidate engage with the literature and the work of others? Each examiner independently submits a summary recommendation and detailed written report on the thesis.

1. Thesis preparation – – University of Queensland

The full amount will be deposited directly into the account you specified on the form. The Graduate School anticipates that feedback on your examination should be available within four months, thesiz this time may vary depending on the speed of response from your examiners. If a nominee is not available for thesis examination, or does not respond to our invitation, the Graduate School will invite another nominee from your list.

This academic staff member is independent of the advisory team and is known as the Chair of Examiners. Examiner has co-authored a paper with the candidate or advisor within the last 5 years; Examiner has worked with the candidate on matters regarding the thesis, e.

For any variation in format the candidate must obtain the permission of the Dean. Chair of Examiners – an academic staff member of the University nominated by the Head of the Enrolling AOU who is familiar with the research discipline, or in the case of multi-disciplinary theses, is familiar with part of the research discipline represented examkners the thesis. What code is in the image?: Thesis chapters must be in a logical and cogent sequence leading to an argument that supports the main findings of the thesis.

Thesis Format Requirements 7.


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Guides are available to illustrate the thessis timeline with an oral examination and without an oral examination. Organisation, Governance and Corporate Management 1.

This information outlines the role of examiners in the thesis examination process for graduate research degrees.

Submit thesis corrections Examination outcome: Formatting your thesis Next. April – Administrative amendment.

uq thesis examiners

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1. Thesis preparation

On the basis of these reports, the Dean of the Graduate School determines the examination outcome. Purpose and Objectives This policy provides a University-wide framework describing the examination process for the award of the degrees of Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, and Professional Doctorate by Research.

Payments will be made by direct funds transfer in the currency of your choice. October – Updates to section 8.

uq thesis examiners

The scope and quality of the published work must be commensurate with the contribution to knowledge expected of a PhD or MPhil candidate. Thursday, July 11, It is important to note that examiners are advised to seek independent legal advice prior to signing the Confidentiality Agreement, which will delay the examination beyond the standard examination period.

Award of degree Dean’s award. Revise and Resubmit Examination outcome: This may occur when the examiners’ recommendations are highly divergent or when there is a recommendation of revise and resubmit.