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Okot is making a number of very serious points through Lawino’s mockery of Westernized ways. If they do not accept the challenge, then like Nyerere and Sengor who are looking for an African mould for nation-building will be utterly defeated by the continuing cultural influence of Europe on Africa. An educated Christian like Ocol ought to have considered them. Imported forms of dancing, for example, result in immoral behaviour when each man dances with a woman who is not his wife. In this regard, the African image and mind wrestle to find place and space. The subject matter is her husband’s dark forest of books. The poem uses the literary device of a female character to address issues that were facing Africa at the time.

Oct 21, Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire added it. By the end of this section, Lawino turns on her attacks and exposes their own immorality and hypocrisy. For this real cure, Ocol must beg forgiveness of all those he insulted. Ocol sees no similarity between the two sorts of charms or the two sorts of prayer. As Lawino tells it, Ocol says White men must return To their own homes, Because they have brought Slave conditions in the country. Rechercher sur le site: Since the time of patient has not yet come to death every medicine cures him says Lawino:.

In this proverb, then, Lawino is not asking Ocol to cling to everything in his past, but rather not to destroy things for the sake of destroying them. Then, Lawino goes to attack: I am proud of the hair With which I was born And as no white woman Wishes to do her hair Like mine, Because she is proud Of the hair with which she was born. lawono

Song of Lawino & Song of Ocol by Okot p’Bitek

To conclude this section, let us write that the problems of who created the creator and the mystery of the virgin birth are problems which better educated people have found to be barriers to Christian belief. In this section of song, Lawino criticizes Ocol and the African political elite for political ineptitude and economic mismanagement.


This page was last edited on 11 Februaryat Chapter Six deals with food and Ocol criticizes his wife for not cooking white people’s meals:.

And it is not only the other party that he condemns. To uproot pumpkins, even when you are moving to a new homestead, is simple wanton od. That you sleep In a hut With a leaking thatch?

Song of Lawino & Song of Ocol

Ocol has read deeply or rather has drunk deeplyfrom the wells of knowledgeacross the world. But he must also seek the blessing of the elders and beg forgiveness from the ancestors, because:.

Song of Lawino has become one of the most widely read literary works originating from Sub-Saharan Africa. Biological Diversity — Our only hope for the future 8h. In Chapter Eight and Twelve, we have Lawino’s explanation of what has gone wrong. In the present work, we are going to focus our attention on the attributed image to the woman in Okot p’Bitek’s Song of Llterature and Song of Ocol.

BOOK REVIEW : Song of Lawino By Okot P’Bitek | The New Times | Rwanda

She wishes she had lxwino else to ask:. Lebih luas lagi, problem itu diderita oleh hampir semua negara berkembang baca: Defilement case of acquitted Nyagatare men now goes to Supreme Court 5h. With the coming Of the new political parties, My husband roams the country- Side Like a wild goat.

literature review of song of lawino

The poem poses a question: This section, from which the above quotation is taken, constitutes the climax of Lawino’s lawjno and demonstrates Okot p’Bitek’s use of Rveiew.


Mar 22, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Why should you despise yours? Okot p’Bitek 7 June — 20 July was a Ugandan poet, who achieved wide international recognition for Song of Lawino, a long poem dealing with the tribulations of a rural African wife whose husband has taken up urban life and wishes everything to be westernised.

Anyway it was good stuff and Frank Horley’s illustrations suited.

Ocol is a religious man yet. Using political power for personal wealth is a common feature of petty bourgeoisie in developing countries, for in these countries there is no true national bourgeoisie, as in the USA or EUROPE, which derives its economic power from is the only means by which the political elite can acquire substantial wealth.

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literature review of song of lawino

Division of the work The present work is divided into three chapters. The poet has used the proverb in closing this second chapter which is an Acoli proverb: Lawino explains how he nearly lost those roots:.

literature review of song of lawino

When my husband Opens a quarrel With his brother I am frightened! Ocol no longer owns anything.

BOOK REVIEW : Song of Lawino By Okot P’Bitek

Here, Lawino shows ways in which Western things can be dirty, stupid or hypocritical. She presents the openness, liveliness and healthiness of Acoli dance positively, without apology:. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor wong judgment of the review as a whole.