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This means that it is difficult to get a first and second supervisor for your thesis. You will see that some of the colleagues are already fully booked long in advance. Firmennamen und Markenbezeichnungen sollten im Titel keine Rolle spielen. The library would like to have a long lasting version in a permanent binding format. Please make sure that your work is based on recent international findings of research. If you take care of things early this should not cause problems. Due to the amount of students asking for a supervision and the limited capacities you should make sure to get in touch with a potential supervisor asap.

The supervisor might want to have a version that can easily be read and organized. Come to see your supervisor during office hours to discuss potential topics: Please bring your own technical equipment to make sure that you master all the content and programs. Office hours are usually crowded and the time for discussion is limited. By teaching you techniques of data mining you thesis htw able to understand and use [URL] htw your project and the project environment generates and use the information to antrag your project on time, on budget and with the right quality.

Think of the anhrag audiences of the three copies you have to turn in. Turning in your thesis there also protects your work and intellectual copyright from being stolen. A download is possible from http: Every study programme defines different frames for that question.


There are different ideas on formatting text. Bevor berlin zu schreiben beginnt, solltet ihr euch bewusst machen, dass das Motivationsschreiben genau drei Botschaften vermitteln soll: It stays with you for your lifetime.

htw berlin antrag master thesis

If you believe a glossary is supporting the understanding you should implement it. Learn more about the effects of the typefaces: Remember you have to live with that title forever. Das Ziel ist der Mastertitel. Knowledge of Antfag is also not required to study in the Master Project Management and data science.

Dies kann auf unterschiedliche Weise erfolgen. Out of many different ways of citing, the Harvard style even though it is an old idea is still valid and less interferes with the reading experience compared to the use of footnote for citations. Make sure, that you make the text readable. Feel free to change things.

Your presentation should be in a way that even external visitors could understand what you have been doing msater your work. A LBA Lehrbeauftragter is possible in this role. Office hours are usually crowded and the time for discussion is limited. Can I change the title of my thesis after the application?

You could also add the original word-file.

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An empirical approach will make your research unique. Do I need a professional reference management software during thesis writing? Agent seeks access to your thesis Deny Allow.


htw berlin antrag master thesis

Bitte buchen Sie jedoch nur einen Slot pro Termin. However, berlin practical experience does not have to be gained in the area of project management or data science. How do you create attention at the start?

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Thesis solltet ihr auch in jedem Fall halten. English can be chosen even for the german studying programmes. Ready to get started? Something modern at the moment may look strange in the future.

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A copy of your thesis to answer questions about specific content A watch to precisely manage time Some water for yourself Think about the dress-code for the occasion Q: Erst mit meiner Unterschrift unter Antray Antrag wird daraus eine verbindliche Anmeldung. So please think about a more general title if you are afraid to be in need of changing the title later.

htw berlin antrag master thesis

Antrag Daily Click to Verify. In front of an examination commission the following steps are taking place: