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One useful idea that Sewell uses is to explain characters and how they work in the programming of a Web Page. He brings in the context of nuclear confrontation that occurred between former President John F. First, it shows that you read and understood the research you have cited in your work. In a very long annotated bibliography, the entries are often numbered see examples A and B , but this is rare in student papers. You will be required to find twelve sources which approach your topic in a variety of ways you do not need to use all twelve for your final paper , none of which may be web-only sources if you do not know how to distinguish valid sources for your paper from those that are questionable, see me as soon as possible. When you submit your final draft, include a typed cover page that explains the writing process:

If, for some reason, you do not have the original that I graded, then you may substitute another copy. In the sciences and some of the more scientific of the social sciences, annotated bibliographies are rarely used; when they are used, they will often be primarily summary or descriptive—that is, they will paraphrase the original text. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 54, You will also need to make definite claims as to who you are as an author, who your audience is, what your intent is, and how you intend to approach the subject, whether through a primarily reason-based method, for example, or through satire, or by a balance of emotion and logic. If you’re just starting to acquire research skills, you probably don’t even know how to create a bibliography , let alone how to write an annotated bibliography. Thompson illustrates each of these aspects of methodology with feminist examples from family studies.

That’s right—creating an annotated bibliography can actually help you write a better paper!


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All the information regarding the website can be found at http: I need to have my journal article, dissertation, or term paper edited and proofread, or I need help with an admissions essay or proposal. However daunting this will seem now, by proceeding through the project in the distinct steps described in this handout, you should biibliography that managing a larger writing task is not at all hard to do. Be annotated to look at the assignment sheet for the extended argument paper itself for suggestions on structure, although almost any structure can work if it is well wrought.

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It is double-spaced, with hanging indents for the second line of the citation, a space between the citation and the annotation, and a block indented two more spaces for the annotation. Explore specific rhetorical structures for your argument that are best suited to the two sides of the topic you have chosen. Note also that the actual annotation does not begin on a separate line from the citation.

You need to be able to refute the opposing viewpoints expressed by other writers. English is not my first language.

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

Annotations should not be confused with abstracts. It should contain, in this order, the following work:. Each citation is followed by a brief must be words minimum descriptive and evaluative paragraph: This is a general guide to writing annotated bibliographies.

The intent of the extended project is to prepare you for responsible scholarship in any university discipline. The parts should comprise the whole of your paper in terms of organization ep direction. Unlike MLA style, there is no double-spacing.

You have probably seen them before, but what are footnotes? All this is correct up to a point; however, the article falters, as did Hindemith, by failing to acknowledge or challenge the leftist critique that artistic autonomy itself entails a socio-political agenda.


Choose a specific audience for your argument Choose specific structures for your arguments Include appeals to ethos, pathos, logos and mythos, as required You should use at least eight other sources to support your own claim and three sources for refutations. One way to gauge the ecological opening of the ice-free corridor is to establish the chronology for the arrival of immigrant animal species. Contact me at Don.

epq annotated bibliography

Do not despair, dear student. I need to have my essay, project, assignment, or term paper edited and proofread. If you’ve been working on the same paper for ages, the last thing you want to do is spend more time on that paper.

Choose a specific audience for your argument and make conscious decisions in your writing that will help you to best address this audience.

epq annotated bibliography

Your topic must be controversial, meaning that it has at least two seemingly irreconcilable sides. University of Toronto Press,— APA style is a widely accepted editorial style used eps social science papers. It should contain, in this order, the following work: Choose something you are passionate about, but not to the point where you cannot approach the topic even- handedly.

Extended Project

This annotated bibliography was a preliminary step to a thesis researching the history of women and education. What is an annotation? For example, did this writer have access to sources that former writers were unable to access; did the writer fail to take important information into consideration?

Support your main points through close analysis of many others claims.