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Experimental Brain Research, 47, Journal of Experimental Psychology-General, , However, it is still unresolved if all of the three stages of configural processing according to Maurer et al. In study I, a larger LNC was found for faces than for houses under low load condition while no differences in LNC amplitudes were seen under high load conditions. Here, we used different highly heterogeneous categories such as houses, hands, human bodies and faces.

Psychological Research- Psychologische Forschung, 48, I suggest that following structural encoding, human body recognition units BRUs may be activated independently of view-point for presentations of human bodies, probably stronger for familiar than for unfamiliar bodies. Experimental Brain Research, 47, Alternatively, human bodies may be processed by a specialized mechanism that is separate from processing of faces and objects Minnebusch et al. The role of stimulus structure in recognition and classification. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 9, In the study I, larger P was found for faces than for objects while in study II both faces and human bodies elicited comparable P mean amplitudes.

Please sign in or register for free if you want to use this function. Subjects attended to letter strings superimposed on briefly ms presented famous prime faces.

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In any case, include the filled djssertation signed forms mentioned under 3. Perceiving faces represents one of the most fundamental skills in human cognition.

It’s in the eyes! Spatio-temporal localization of the face inversion effect: Specifically, the involvement of the holistic processing stage is a matter of current investigation Bauser et al.

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Spatio-temporal localization of the face inversion effect: ERP inversion effects on the N mean amplitudes, as described above for human bodies and faces, have similarly been reported for biological disaertation of point-light walker stimuli, suggesting to reflect impaired configural processing of biological motion when presented in the upside-down orientation Jokisch et al.


Ich versichere, nach bestem Wissen die reine Wahrheit gesagt und nichts verschwiegen zu haben. May October I would predict perceptual load has no influence on human body parts such as hands, in analogy to the findings reported for whole human bodies and headless bodies. Recently, single-cell studies on macaques have suggested an alternative approach for interpreting the inversion effect for faces. Experimental Brain Research, 86, Accordingly, perception is unlimited and can be automatically performed on several objects in parallel Deutsch et al.

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Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 13, Object category structure in response patterns of neuronal population in monkey inferior temporal cortex. The P has been shown to be sensitive to changes in basic visual stimulus properties such as contrast, luminance and spatial frequency Schendan et al.

These results are in line with previous studies that used a very similar task Jenkins et al. FBA has showed a sharp increase in activation when the headless bodies or large proportion of bodies, such as torso, or legs are presented.

In the current studies I aim to investigate, first, the effect of perceptual load on the processing of faces and objects, and I expected that perceptual load may be influences on the early processing of faces, but not objects. Prominent methods to achieve this include the use of thatcherized faces i.


Comparable to faces, human bodies activate specific neuron population in inferior temporal cortex ITC Desimone et al. This may be considered eklärung evidence for activations of person identity nodes by human bodies or diswertation parts, to the same extent as activation by faces.

In study II, LNC was larger for both intact faces and eyeless faces than human bodies or headless bodies under low load condition while again no differences were found under high load. Body parts such as hands convey important information about social states of the person. In the current experiments, behavioral performances were measured for responses given in the letter search task.

In the literature of human face perception, many studies have investigated the influence of face familiarity on the face- sensitive N Electrophysiological studies of human face perception. In study III, the neural repetitions effects were tested for faces, body parts and objects.

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Here, we used different highly heterogeneous categories such as houses, hands, human bodies and faces. The N was affected by perceptual load.

Journal of Jwna Neuroscience, 17, Help Center Find new research papers in: Considering that both faces and human bodies have been argued to capture attention Langton et al. Here, we used either intact or headless bodies in study II. Parts and Wholes in Face Recognition.