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Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics deals with prevention and treatment of the disease and injuries of the hard tissues, pulp of the tooth and associated periapical lesions. Clinical examination of at least 2 patients representing the community — includes history, main complaints, examination and recording the findings, using indices for the assessment of oral health and presentation of the observation including diagnosis and comprehensive treatment planning. Veneers — anterior teeth indirect method Drugs Acting On Blood – Coagulants. Methods adopted for the same Basic statistics.

Internal assessment should be based on the evaluation of the log book. Ulcerative, vesicular and bullous lesions of oral mucosa. The dissertation work should have been accepted by the examiners appointed by Dr. Fabrication and delivery of the appliance the next day. Differential diagnosis of periapical, pericoronal and interradicular radiolucencies.

Drugs affecting calcium balance. It not only helps teachers to evaluate students but also students to evaluate themselves. Topic will be given to each candidate in the beginning of clinical examination. Anticholininergic drugs and drugs acting on autonomic ganglia. Dentin — development, physical and chemical properties, structure, type of dentin, innervations, age and functional changes. III year Maxillofacial surgery, submission of dissertation in the first term, i. A list is given below.

Learning a broad outline of the psychological, emotional development of the child, development of intelligence and rating of intelligence, theories of growth and development of child in general and facial skeleton in particular, growth forecasting.


Journal of Clinical Orthodontics Who is not an active postgraduate teacher in the subject cannot be appointed as examiner. DISEASE – Definition, concepts – Multifactorial causation, natural history and risk factors – Disease control and eradication, evaluation and causation, infection of specific diseases – Vaccines and immunization 4.

Lymphatic drainage of face, neck and oral cavity. Removable dies Note: It should aim at examining clinical skills and competence of undertaking independent work as a specialist. Physical and chemical injuries, allergic and immunological diseases.

dr ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Space Maintainers and Habit breaking appliances Removable: Artificial respiration and pulmonary function tests. Symposium It is recommended to hold symposium on topics covering multiple disciplines.

dr ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Hypoxia, cyanosis, dyspnoea and periodic breathing. Each post-graduate student should handle around classes. The synopsis of dissertation should be submitted on or before the end of first six months from the date of admission. Medical emergencies – Prevention and management dissertatioon altered consciousness, hyper sensitivity reaction, chest discomfort, respiratory difficulty.

These regulations are applicable to the students who are admitted to the MDS course from the academic year – onwards.


Infection control procedures used in Endodontics aseptic techniques such as rubber dam, sterilization guidelinnes instruments, etc. Hawley’s retention appliance with anterior bite plane 2.


dr ntruhs dissertation guidelines

There should be more emphasis on didactic lectures and major part of the learning time should be devoted to demonstrations, group discussions, seminars, clinical work and conferences stressing more on prevention of oral diseases instead of traditional teaching on curative aspects to enable them to develop expression, character and personality and other qualities essential for a dental postgraduate to serve the community vuidelines nation effectively. Scheme of Examination i.

The viva voce shall include Pedagogy 20 marks of 10 min. Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice 9. Smear Presentation — 20 marks Cytology or microbial smear and staining iv. The number of activities attended and the topics prevented are to be recorded in log book. Problem and its management The periodontic – endodontic continuum Periodontic plastic and esthetic surgery Recent advances in surgical techniques E.

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Diseases on Paranasal sinuses and TMJ. Management of non-carious lesion. Perform both non-surgical and surgical procedures independently. Management of Dental Behavior in child: