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Technology Boom Pushing Out Locals. A Survey of Strategies to. With this in mind, he analyzes five Atlanta neighborhoods: This article was written to inform the reader about the different possibilities and outcomes of Gentrification. This leaves more space and opportunity to rebuild and create new developments. A weakness in this article is that it does not have references, so it is hard to tell where the author is getting its information. He goes on to say that gentrification does in fact have many ties to racism however it is more of a product than a conscious enforcement.

Social Capital and the Built Environment: Resisting Bay Area Gentrification Works. Your email address will not be published. Although this article is more biased towards defending the Mission district, it provides some insightful opinions information from someone on the inside of the Mission. This was the first time I realized that the government had a lot of power and say on what happens in communities. The article then goes on to explain the distributions within different cities.

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I was able to determine that they are gentrifkcation suffering from high prices and are not trying to cause negativity or problems. Social Capital and the Built Environment: This article mentions how people struggle with high prices in San Francisco. This article discusses the topic of food related gentrification.

This source uses a map amnotated visually display this problem and allow the reader to make their own observation regarding the displayed information.

A changing Mission — The Story. Using the census data from andthey accumulate their voter turnout model. Mobilization is the process of citizens coming together to understand their issues and working together find solutions. Another way it could be used is as a supplement to any mentions of gentrification.


Annotated Bibliography The Impact of Gentrification on Voter Turnout. | Kimberly’s Blog

Pushed out of House and Home — This article ended up making me realize that my focus was anntated and it is the government we should focus on for change. Records show that rates have increased from 8. Guardian News and Media, 21 Mar. A place that once produced culture and civil rights movements now harbors the most aristocratic population of our time. Overall, the piece does present a healthy debate that can be used to support how the built gehtrification influences racism.

Notify me of new comments via email. This article follows several people, both gentrifiers and those being gentrified.

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The spokeswoman for Mayor Kasim Reed says that the officials are combating the bib,iography by employing the right developers to boost its workforce housing stock.

It also discusses how Atlanta has a wide black-white unemployment gap. The article then goes on to explain the distributions within different cities. He then explains some of the benefits of gentrification, such as higher property value, better road maintenance, police protection, and improved public education.

This source seems extremely credible, Gammon is very well read and researched, rationalizing every statement with a legitimate source or core concept.

annotated bibliography gentrification

The solutions are to implement affordable housing policies for low-income residents, give incentives to build, and turn foreclosure homes and properties into affordable housing.

Within this article, Neil Irwin makes claims that the housing market is finally cooling off. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here A Dispatch From California. Gentrificcation also gentrificatoon a video that shows the interaction between the people behind the project and residence of the Mission. I began to focus my research on finding concrete evidence that it was Rent Control and the Government, and also based the majority of my blog shifting the blame on them.


Annotated Bibliography- Final Draft – The Built Environment: Atlanta

I used this as part of my research to make sure it was valid. This article is a blog post by a blogger who goes by Petticoat Despot whom received a lot of praise.

annotated bibliography gentrification

A weakness in this annotaetd is that it does annnotated have references, so it is hard to tell where the author is getting its information. This source seems reliable because it is based on real experiences, and aannotated San Francisco Chronicle is a reliable source.

But the argument comes in because gentrification leads to higher property values with means more tax revenues for the government. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. These residences explain how they feel about the changes that have gone on, and we the viewers get to hear about new comers and those who have lived there for years. This relates to my blogs towards the end because after mentioning the shifts and changes I end with solutions and enforcement on what needs to be done before all minorities are swept away.