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Professional gridiron football leagues in North America. Canadian football Major Canadian Football League. San Jose Mercury News. Plus nobody wants to see Spring football. Defunct American football leagues Sports leagues established in establishments in the United States Sports leagues disestablished in disestablishments in the United States.

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New pro football league A11FL to start spring 2015; 6 announced NHL cities

More news as it comes available. California high school football coaches Kurt Bryan and Steve Humphries developed the A offense in the mids by using a loophole in rules concerning allowable punting formations to design an offensive scheme in which “All 11” players were potentially eligible receivers.

a11fl business plan

Jan 30, Messages: The awareness of the league was it’s biggest hurdle but yet they were still drawing good ‘s overall and it could have been built upon. Mar 10, Messages: East Rutherford, New Jersey.

a11fl business plan

Share This Page Tweet. The best thing for them to do would be field teams in markets where there are popular college programs and have them pick plwn players who played college ball there.


A-11 Football League

May 12, Messages: Views Read Edit View history. NHL HartfordFeb 8, Professional gridiron football leagues in North America.

Five of the proposed clubs borrowed names and design elements from franchises in the s United States Football League which would have been a very controversial move, adding the risk of legal copyright owner and logo issues. When the USFL started most of the teams in the league were less than 25 years old so they weren’t as deeply rooted in their markets as they are buziness.

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San Francisco Business Times. Major4BoardingFeb 8, Plus nobody wants to see Spring football. ESPN s11fl give this some push. Thing that is worrisome a bit is that I don’t know how feasible it is for a guy to play a season into July and then make a NFL roster a month later.

EvilCoopFeb 8, IU Hawks fanFeb 9, May 3, Messages: While some high school coaches began to adopt the offense, many more felt that it was “unsportsmanlike” and “against the spirit of the rules”. The guy that came up with it busoness a huge huge used car salesman type hype generator of bs.


On July 9,the league announced via Facebook that it was dropping the A11FL name and the A offense would attempt to “rebrand” as a “new league”, effectively folding the A11FL. BlackhawkswincupFeb 8, With 32 teams and 53 man rosters thats over more NFL spots, so the left businfss aren’t as good.

The league announced via Twitter on March 28, that it would be redirecting efforts towards a “new opportunity” that would “secure the formation of the league for many years”. For the record I enjoyed the UFL. Jul 28, Messages: Apr 12, Messages: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

a11fl business plan

However, commissioner McKibben stated at the time that the A11FL still planned on fielding eight teams for its inaugural season, which was still planned for the spring of Retrieved from ” https: Raymond James Stadium 65,